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Featured Product - Voltz!

Bringing Power to the Pedals

Voltz SystemIntroducing the most advanced effect pedal power supply ever - Voltz!  A large 6.0Ah battery coupled with an integrated AC/DC and DC/DC charger allows you to power up to 20 pedals at a time, up to eight hours in one charge anywhere in the world! 


No more 60 cycle hum or ground loop hiss to worry about...  The Voltz system is 100% guaranteed to solve all of your noise problems in your guitar effects pedal rig. 


Additional Information

  • Voltz Kits - Everything you need to get started using Voltz
  • milliVoltz - Step by step information on how to purchase the right connector tips
  • Resource Center - Your one stop information gateway to all things Voltz related
  • Refurbished Voltz - A great way to start your Voltz experience.


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Who is AmperorMusic?

AmperorMusic is a division of Amperor, Inc. Our parent company has experience in the design and manufacture of power supplies for various industries for over 20 years.  The Voltz power supply system for pedal boards is a product designed specifically for musicians and sound engineers.  AmperorMusic will continue to use our power expertise to introduce further professional solutions to the music industry.


Refurbished Voltz Kit

Refurbished Voltz Kit

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