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Skype Articles

Skype Tips

This knowledge base article provides general helpful Skype tips and tricks

Frequently Asked Questions - Skype

This Skype knowledge base page provides answers to the most frequently asked Skype questions.

Skype Emoticons and Smileys (Hidden)

Want to use emoticons and smileys during Skype Chat? Here is a list of hidden Skype emoticons that can help you to express yourself.

How to Buy Skype Phones

What kind of Skype Phones do I need, how to buy a Skype phone...

What is Skype

This article provides a quick glance of how Skype is 'invading' our daily communications

Make Free Internet Phone Calls

This skype article explains how to use Skype to make free internet calls.

Convert Your Cell Phone into a Skype Phone using Skype Diverter/Adapter B3G

This Skype product article discusses some real world applications of the B3K(G) phone adapters.

Skype Products and Mac Computers

This knowledge base page provides the latest information regarding Skype USB products and MAC computers

Skype Phones - 10 Reasons to Buy a Skype Phone

This article provides you with ten reasons to buy and us a USB Skype phone.

Skype Emoticons and Country Flags (Hidden)

Skype Chat has many country flag icons that you can use during chat.

Reboot - A Way to Fix Your Skype Device

Whenever you have problem with your Skype equipment, here is one strategy that you can use regardless of what equipment you have. It works over 70% of the time.


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