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ADP65-15 The Airline Empower 15V Smart HP Power Adapter

helps you to travel light

ADP65-15 The Airline Empower 15V Smart HP Power Adapter

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ADP-65DC-15 Airline Inline Adapter Product Introduction

BluRay movie lovers, here is a must have device you need to bring with you on your next trip - the ADP65DC-15A, airline laptop slim inline adapter. We know it is frustrating to have the BluRay movie cut off because your laptop is running out of battery juice, which happens frequently because the playing back of BluRay movies consumes a lot of power. Just imagine this - you are on a 15 hour flight to Asia and any of the following tragedy happens:

  • "SALT" cuts off right before Angelina Jolie enters the president's hide-out chamber. Is she the real Russian spy or is she just trying to save the world?
  • "Inception" cuts off right before Lenonardo DiCaprio enters his deepest dream. Will he be able to face his eternal regret and come back to real life, or he will stay forever in his dreams?
  • "Titanic" cuts off right before the rescue boat approaches Kate Winslet's floating board. Will she blow the whistle to get saved or she will stay forever with her lover?
  • "Gladiator" cuts off right before Russell Crowe begins his fight with the Emperor. Will he be a free man or not?

You will not know the answer for probably another 10 hours, until the airplane lands at your destination. The question keeps bothering you while you are trying to take a nap on the airplane. The sound of the crying baby sitting in the next aisle is really getting on your nerves...


Ok... in order to avoid all of the above... The thing you really need to have is the ADP65DC-15A airline laptop inline adapter. It is a laptop airline adapter which takes the power from the empower connector which can be found under the seat in many airplanes, and convert it to the voltage and current your laptop needs to use. With the ADP65DC-15A airline laptop inline adapter connected to your laptop, you can watch BluRay movies, read e-books, play some games, or even work on past due assignments on your notebook on the airplane without worrying about the battery run-time anymore. It is like you are bringing your entertainment center with you on the airplane. Pretending to enjoy the airplane food, having that boring conversation with the bald, middle-aged man sitting next to you, and reading the Skymall magazine for the 10th time are not the only selections you have while on the plane, as long as the plane engine is still running.


What? A spare laptop battery can do this? A spare battery can indeed add another 2 ~ 3 hours run-time for your laptop. But that is not enough for a long trip to the other side of the earth. Besides, ADP-65DC-15 only weighs 6 ounces! No spare battery on earth will weigh less than this!


At this point, we only have the HP version ADP65DC-15A airline laptop inline adapter available. The adapter outputs through the HP smart tip which can be seen on all the recent HP notebooks. It also provides a 15V, non-charging voltage to the laptop, to prevent the battery charging hazard which can happen while on the plane. We are developing the versions for other brand notebooks. We will publish the update here when we have them available.


Note: Here is the most comprehensive Empower Airline Adapter Guide on Internet. Check it out!


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