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Finger Pulse Oximeter MD300C634

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Finger Pulse Oximeter MD300C634

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Manufacturer: ChoiceMMed

Item Code: MD300C634

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Finger Pulse Oximeter 

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The MD300C634 is a rugged heavy duty pulse oximeter device use for monitoring a patient's heart rate and blood oxygen level. Finger pulse oximeter MD300C634 is suitable for adults and can be used at home, rehabilitation center, hospital, ambulance, and during exercise and high-altitude activities. With its rugged design, MD300C634 is the best finger pulse oximeter for frequent users. Model MD300C634 is the fourth generation of the widely popular and successful MD300C63.

This new digital pulse oximeter offers the same innovations offered by the MD300C63 in a stronger casing. The anti-skid surface helps to prevent the finger from slipping while taking the measurement; the occlusion design provides a better fit and reduces external light interference resulting in overall better performance; upgraded software automatically compensates any signal attenuation resulting in better accuracy for patients with low blood perfusion; the new clip design reduces the pressure on the finger and allows better blood circulation in the finger for stronger signals and improved readings; the shock-resistant casing helps to reduce damages when the unit is dropped accidently.

The pulse oxymeter MD300C634 displays a pleth waveform that shows the change in blood volume in each heart beat and generally reflects the patient's cardiac condition, blood circulation quality and the state of blood perfusion. It is especially useful for patients with heart conditions. A strong signal would ensure the reliability of the oximeter readings.

The large dual digital display can show data in multiple directions making it easy for the patient and caretaker to read. This is especially helpful when the patient has problem with hand or arm movement.

The fingertip pulse oximeter MD300C634 has been approved by FDA (USA 510K# K070371), PMDA (Japan) and CMDCAS (Canada).

This oxymeter comes with a lanyard that you can ware around your neck for your convenience. You can also purchase an optional carrying case to protect your oximeter from impacts that can damage it or de-calibrate the oximeter.

For more information, please see our

  • Choice MD300C634 Product Specifitions.


    • Certifications: FDA(USA), PMDA(Japan), CMDCAS(Canada), CE
    • Infantsą, childreną, and adults
    • Display SpO2, pulse rate, Bar graph, Plethysmogram
    • Dual color OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display
    • Ten levels adjustable brightness
    • Six display modes
    • Pulse signal intensity
    • As long as 30 hours of continuous use with alkaline batteries
    • Automatic power-off design
    • 2 AAA Alkaline or rechargeable batteries

    Technical Specifications:

    • Weight: 33g without batteries
    • Dimension: 58mm(L) x 32mm(W) x 37mm(H)
    • Display mode: Dual color OLED
    • SpO2:
      • Measurement range: 70-100%
      • Accuracy: 70%--100%, ±3%
      • Resolution: ±1%
    • Pulse rate
      • Measurement range: 30-235 BPM
      • Accuracy: 30-99: ±2 BPM; 100-235: ±2%
      • Resolution: ±1 BPM
    • Automatic power-off
    • Environmental:
      • Operating Temperature: 5°C - 40°C
      • Storage Temperature: -20°C - 55°C
      • Operating Humidity: <80%°C, no condensation
      • Storage Humidity: <93%°C, no condensation

    ą For patients with small fingers, it is important to position the fingernail right under the LED light and to keep the finger still during the measurement.

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