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BOCS Media Hub

Watch Video Files Anywhere in Your House

BOCS Media Hub

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Retail Price: $499.00

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Manufacturer Information

Manufacturer: BOCS

Item Code: XSB08-01-PACK

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BOCS Media Hub 

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Watch your Internet TV, DVR, DVD player, computer monitor, cable, satellite TV (FTA)... anywhere in your house over boradcast TV channels? Yes, you can with BOCS Media Hub. Media Hub is your whole home media distribution device. It accepts 3 composite audio/video inputs and inserts them into 3 channels in the TV frequency spectrum. These channels can be combined with signals from your local TV stations and broadcasted to all your rooms via existing coaxial cables. It is like having three free TV channels of your choice.

You can watch your DVR in your family room, bedroom or basement. There is no need to have a DVR in every location.

To watch Internet TV anywhere in your house, connect the composite video output from the internet streaming device (e.g. Roku, computer) to BOCS Media Hub. You are ready to go.

The Media Hub also has a built-in IR control repeater with a RF remote. It can control the MediaHub and three other A/V devices from anywhere in your house. The RF remote would reduce the number of remotes floating in your house. Even the Roku and MediaHub are in the media room and you are in the bedroom, you still can select and play movies via Roku. You are no longer restricted to watch Roku in the media room only.


  • Money Saving - Imagine if you didn't have to rent or buy the second Roku, DVR, Set-top box. How much would you save? A typical family with more than 3 TV sets in the house could save more than $300 dollars a year.
  • Easy Installation - Just merge the MediaHub output and antenna output using a coaxial cable splitter and send the combined signal to other TVs using existing coaxial cable. Then plug other A/V devices into the Red / Green / Blue channels at the back of the MediaHub, pair the remote, and you are ready to go.
  • Control - You and your spouse are the king and the queen of the house. You should be able to start the DVR recorded movie in the den over a glass of wine, hit the pause button on the remote, put a Do Not Disturb sign on your bedroom door, and finish watching in bed.
  • Simplified operation - Now you can use your MediaHub remote to control up to 3 A/V equipment in your house replacing their original remotes. Besides, the device selection is color coded. You don't need to remember the special channel number assigned to the device.
  • No restrictions - Any A/V device which has a composite output can be plugged into the MediaHub. DVR, Roku, TiVo, DVDPlayer or iPod docking stations will all work with MediaHub. There are also adapters, such as the VGA to RCA and the Component to RCA adapters available to connect your PC or Apple TV to the MediaHub.

Please click here to read more about what BOCS can do for you. You can also click here to see a case study on how MedHub can save money.

How it works:

Media installation guide

Connect the MediaHub output to the house main splitter. The next step is to attach A/V equipments to the Red / Green / Blue channels at the back of the MediaHub. Then configure the MediaHub remote to interface with your A/V equipments so you can control them in another room.

In this arrangement, the TV antenna signal will merge with the signals generated from the MediaHub at the coaxial cable splitter and the combined signal will be send to the rest of your house. Now, you can not only watch the Roku movies, but also use the BOCS RF wireless remote to control those A/V equipments anywhere in your house.

You can see the BOCS back panel interface options in the below picture:


From left to right:

  • AC Power Connector
  • Reset Button
  • Red Channel: RCA In / Out and IR Blaster Connector (You should connect TiVo DVR to the red channel)
  • Green / Blue Channel: RCA In and IR Blaster Connector
  • 3 Coax Connectors: Local TV / Ant In / Ant Out

Package Includes:

  • BOCS main unit
  • Supercombiner
  • One remote
  • 3pcs IR blaster cables
  • One 18" Quad-shield RG6 coax cable

The Supercombiner is useful for filtering out several cable channels and is not required with using over-the-air television. Channels filtered out will not be available on the coaxial cable.



Want to learn more about what BOCS can do for you? Check out the BOCS manufacturer website.


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