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Topcom - Webtalker 5000 - PC-less Skype Phone

A Skype PC-Less Desktop Phone Perfect for Small Business

Topcom - Webtalker 5000 - PC-less Skype Phone

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Manufacturer: Topcom

Item Code: webtalker5000

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The Topcom Webtalker 5000 is in a class by itself when it comes to Skype desktop phone for small businesses. Its crystal clear voice quality and reliability are among the best. The Webtalker 5000 connects directly to the router and no PC is required.

Product Information

Skype - Download Today!

AmperorDirect Stand Alone Skype VoIP Solution

The Webtalker 5000 desktop skype phone offers home and small offices a chance to make free and low cost long distance (international) phone calls. This is a stand alone pc-less device that works as advertised!

No Computer Required

With the WEBT@LKER 5000 WITH SKYPE you can communicate with your Skype friends for free or use Skype-out to call many places all over the world at very low rates without having to switch on your computer.

The WEBT@LKER 5000 WITH SKYPE is a stand-alone phone, or a PC-less Internet phone for Skype, for which you only need a router (or wireless router) & broadband Internet connection. Simply connect the WEBT@LKER 5000 WITH SKYPE to your router and you’re ready to make internet phone calls.
It’s a real plug-and-play product, easy to install in your house, your office or home office.


• Free calls using Skype without needing a PC
• Cheap calls to fixed and mobile phones using Skype-out
• Large 2.4” color display for easy Skype™ menu operation
• Availability status
• Network connection via Ethernet cable
• High quality speaker for handsfree operation
• Crystal clear calls due to Echo cancellation technology
• Choice of ringing tones

Product Review

Topcom Webtalker 5000 Review coming soon!



Skype Compatible

Item is PC Free Solution





  • No computer required
  • Simple plug-and-connect to set up
  • 2.4" TFT color LCD display with adjustable viewing angle
  • Excellent voice quality: no noise, no echo
  • One click speakerphone function for hands-free talks
  • Memory keys for speed dials
  • LED for indications of power on/off, missed call, message, mute and speakerphone mode
  • Support Skype-to-Skype, SkypeOut, SkypeIn and Skype Voicemail
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