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Infrared Ear Thermometer Radiant TH60N

Multi-function infrared baby thermometer

Infrared Ear Thermometer Radiant TH60N

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Manufacturer: Radiant Innovation Inc.

Item Code: TH60N

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Infrared ear thermometer measures body temperature by the ear in a safe, fast and accurate way. It takes less than 2 seconds! This infrared red ear thermometer is ideal for babies and children that would not stay still. TH60N measures the infrared energy radiated from the eardrum and computes the body temperature. The eardrum is recessed inside the head is an extremely accurate place to measure body temperature.

Besides measuring body temperature, the infrared thermometer can measure room temperature and surface temperature of an object. It has many uses, such as:

  • Measure milk temperature before feeding the baby
  • Measure baby skin temperature to make sure the baby is not over or under dressed
  • Double check the accuracy of your thermostat

The infrared ear thermometer TH60N has many convenient features: such as fever alarm for temperature over 99.5°F, auto shutoff to minimize power consumption, large LCD display, and memory for last 25 measurements. It is a premium grade thermometer.


  • Modes of operation: ear(body temperature), scan(surface temperature), room(ambient temperature)
  • Ear mode accuracy:
      ±0.2°C(0.4°F) during 35.5~42°C(95.9~107.6&def;F)
      ±0.3°C(0.5°F) at other range
  • Scan mode accuracy:
      ±0.3°C (0.5°F) during 22.0~42.2°C(71.6~108&def;F)
      maximum of ±0.4% or ±2°C (4°F) at other range
  • Ear mode temperature range: 34~42.2°C (93.2~108°F)
  • Scan mode temperature range: -22~80°C (-7.6~170°F)
  • Memory: 25 records under ear mode
  • Fever alarm (>37.5°C or 99.5°F)
  • Last reading (ear mode) displayed automatically
  • Auto shutoff after one minute
  • Reading in °C or °F
  • Battery: Lithium cell battery CR2032
  • Dimension: 104*69*289mm
  • Weight: 58g
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