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GPS Applications

Where Can I Use a GPS System

Let's count the ways that you can use a GPS system.

1. Automobile GPS

GPS products for cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, RVs and motorcycles. All units in this category are auto-routing products

2. Fitness/Cycling GPS

GPS products for cycling, mountain biking and other fitness activities

3. Marine GPS

GPS products for sailing, boating, canoeing, kayaking and fishing

4. Laptop/PDA GPS

GPS products for laptop and/or PDA users

5. Outdoor GPS

GPS products for camping, hiking, bird watching, backpacking, skiing and other outdoor activities

6. Professionals GPS

GPS products for forest rangers, search and rescue teams, fire fighters, farmers and military

7. GPS for Traveling

GPS products for leisure traveling and touring

8. Geocaching GPS

GPS products for treasure hunting.

9. Aviation GPS

GPS products for hang gliders, ultralights and gliders

10. Agriculture GPS

GPS products for controlling spraying of chemicals on the field

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