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BOCS - Netflix Instant Streaming Movie on Any TV in Your House

Netflix Whole-Home!

How to Enjoy Netflix Instant Streaming Movie at Any TV in Your House


Netflix Instant Streaming


Netflix_logoWith over 2 billion movies delivered and more than 10 million subscribers, Netflix Inc. has certainly become a ubiquitous name in home entertainment. In addition to a core business delivering DVDs through their now iconic red envelope packages, the online movie rental service continues to expand its content offerings across a variety of internet and cellular-based platforms.


Netflix_DevicesThrough the Netflix instant streaming service, subscribers on unlimited plans ($8.99 and up) can choose from over 12,000 titles – available instantly, 24/7, on-demand, and at no additional cost. The only requirement is a broadband internet connection of at least 1.5Mbps and a Netflix-ready device. Examples of these devices include:


  • Roku Digital Video Player
  • Tivo HD DVR
  • Xbox 360
  • LG Network Blu-ray Player
  • Samsung Nework Blu-ray Player


The Problem with Netflix


It goes without saying that Netflix is a quality service. For a low monthly subscription fee, you have access to a library of over 100,000 DVD titles and 12,000 movies and TV episodes available instantly on demand. There’s just one problem – you are limited to watching the streaming content on a Netflix-ready device (Roku, Tivo, Xbox, Blu-ray player, etc.). For many subscribers, this unnecessary restriction can be a great inconvenience. Let’s say you have the Netflix device set up in your living room. At a moment’s notice, you can watch 30 Rock or Lost anytime you want, provided that you are in the living room. As soon as you leave that comfy couch, those 12,000 streaming titles vanish instantaneously.


Netflix + BOCS = Netflix From Anywhere in the Home


With BOCS, you can watch your favorite Netflix titles from anywhere in the home. The BOCS system takes your Netflix ready device, as well as two additional devices (the cable box, dvr, iPod, DVD player), and connects them to every TV in your home, using only your existing cable wiring. Think of BOCS as the great Netflix liberator – with BOCS, you have total control over when and where to watch your favorite Netflix titles. Installation is as easy as attaching a cable splitter and hooking up a DVD player. Total setup time often takes less than half an hour.






BOCS_NetflixThe entire gamut of Netflix-ready devices (Roku, Tivo, Xbox, LG and Samsung BD players) simultaneously outputs high definition via component and/or HDMI as well as standard definition via composite outputs. Since both sets of outputs are "hot", the component/HDMI cable connects directly to the main TV while the composite cable connects to the BOCS system. The HD signal never gets routed through the BOCS, ensuring optimal signal quality at the main viewing location. The BOCS system takes advantage of the otherwise unused composite out and redistributes the signal to the rest of the home.


BOCS_RemoteFrom there, the RF remote takes over and begins to work its magic. The universal RF remote controls up to seven devices and has three new buttons - Red, Green and Blue. When you press one of the BOCS buttons (R/G/B), the remote changes your TV to the appropriate channel and takes control of the devices connected to the colored channel you choose. The BOCS system is incredibly easy to use – press the Red button on the remote and you're watching your favorite Netflix titles, on any TV in the home. The state-of-the-art universal RF remote gives you the freedom to roam throughout the home and control your components without having to be within direct line-of-sight. The included reference document provides a list of device codes for the most common DVD players and cable boxes.


For the newest devices, the remote can also be programmed to learn any command. This is especially useful for the latest Netflix-ready devices. The Samsung BDP-1600 Blu-ray player, for instance, is a prime example of the system’s flexibility.


Here's the detailed setup / operation procedure.


Playback Quality


For Netflix titles streaming in HD, the quality at the secondary TV locations is stunningly good. Although the BOCS system currently does not pass an HD signal, the standard def rendition is still very good. Starting off with an HD signal really goes a long way in this regard. On SD streaming content, the playback quality is virtually identical to the original.


Here is an example of the playback quality. Please note that the frame skipping in the clips are created by the camcorder, not by the BD player nor the BOCS.


Netflix instant streaming Movie shown on the main TV using Samsung Netflix BD Player:


The same Movie shown on the secondary TV using the same setup and the BOCS to transmit the movie:


Compared to other Netflix solutions delivered through PC-based platforms (Windows Media Center, Silverlight, PlayOn, etc), the BOCS system delivers vastly superior video quality. Since PC-based platforms can only receive lower quality Netflix streams, playback quality at the original TV would already be suboptimal to begin with. Redistributing this signal would not have a very good result, and, as they say, garbage in equals garbage out.





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