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Detailed Netflix + BOCS Solution Setup

Step-by-step Procedures

Detailed Netflix + BOCS Setup Procedure

Step 1: Pair the Remote


  • Press the BOCS Logo button on the front of the main MediaHub unit. The Red/Green/Blue lights on the front of the MediaHub will begin blinking.
  • Simultaneously press the “Menu” and “Ch+” buttons and hold for 2 seconds. The red power light on the remote will flash twice.
  • Check to make sure the pairing worked by pressing the Red channel button – if the red light on the front of MediaHub flashes, pairing was successful.
  • Repeat the pairing process for each remote.


Step 2: Pick a room and program a remote to work the TV in that room


  • Find your TV brand in the code list for your TV type.
  • Press and hold the TV and INFO buttons until the remote power light turns on.
  • Enter the device code while pointing the remote at the TV – the power light should blink twice indicating a successful code was selected and a power
  • command was sent to the TV. If you get a fast flash, press the remote power button to exit the program mode and try again.
  • If the TV turns off or on press Select/OK to confirm you found the right code – the power light should blink twice to indicate that the code was saved successfully.
  • If the TV does not turn off or on enter the next five digit code – keep trying codes until you find the one that works best with your TV.


Step 3: Use the learning feature to custom program commands for your Netflix-ready device


  • Place the Netflix device remote so that it points at the IR window on the front of the MediaHub. The remote should be pointed directly at the window, within 12 inches and on a level surface.
  • Press and hold simultaneously for at least 2 seconds one of these combinations on the BOCS remote, depending on which channel you want the learned codes to be associated with:
    • "RED" and "Enter/#" for the BOCS RED channel,
    • "GREEN" and "Enter/#" for the BOCS GREEN channel, or
    • "BLUE" and "Enter/#" for the BOCS BLUE channel.
  • The power LED will turn on and remain on.
  • Using any Paired BOCS remote control, press the button that the learned code will be assigned to on the BOCS remote (the receiving button).
  • Within 5 seconds, press the button to teach on the Netflix device remote (still pointed at MediaHub). NOTE that you should press firmly but quickly on the OEM remote – do not hold down the button, a half second firm push is the best.
  • The power LED flashes twice if the key was successfully learned, or flashes rapidly after waiting 5 seconds if the learning process did not take hold.
  • Repeat the process until the desired commands have been learned.
  • When finished, the remote will exit learn mode after 10 seconds of inactivity and the power LED will turn off.


Example – you have the Samsung BDP-1600 Blu-ray player plugged into the Red channel


  • Point the Samsung remote at the MediaHub IR window.
  • Hold the Red channel button and “Enter/#” on a paired BOCS remote until the power light comes on.
  • Press “Play” on the BOCS remote, then press “Play” on the Samsung remote – watch for a double flash on the BOCS remote power button (if no double flash repeat this step).
  • Press “Up” on BOCS remote, then press “Up” on Samsung remote – watch for the double flash to confirm.
  • Continue and learn every button on the Netflix device remote into the BOCS remote that you will use.
  • Wait 10 seconds for the learning process to time out and the BOCS remote power light to go out.


You can also see a detailed video walkthrough of the remote learning procedure here:




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