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MediaHub (BOCS) - What MediaHub Can and Cannot Do

What MediaHub (BOCS) can do for you:

  • Watch any device with composite video output, such as Roku, TiVo, DVR, DVD Player, PC in any room with a TV connection.
  • I can watch the same program as I move from room to room. Movies saved in the computer or DVR are now available throughout the entire house.
  • Distribute high quality SD version video. Better pictures compared to competitors trying to distribute SD content over wifi.
  • HD compatible at the local TV location.
  • Organize your stack of A/V equipment. Put them where you want to put them.
  • Install on the existing coax wiring system. Requires no new wiring.
  • Connect security cam system to the BOCS. Make an easy-to-operate security system.
  • Bring Internet TV to your TV.
  • BOCS Red / Green / Blue channels are independent of each other. Action on one channel won’t affect the other channels.
  • Supercombiner is the only filter needed in the system. It can also prevent the content you are watching from being leaked out to the neighbors.
  • Simplified control: never need to learn to use another remote. The BOCS remote can control all of your A/V devices.
  • Design friendly system. Everybody in the family can pick up the remote and learn to control the system easily.
  • No limit on how many BOCS remotes you can use in your house. You can have a BOCS remote at each TV location.
  • One digital converter box is enough for the whole house if you have the BOCS installed. No need to buy converter box for each TV.


  • It cannot distribute HD contents even though it is compatible with HD TV stations.
  • One has to find some unused channels for the MediaHub to insert the new channels. This is normally not an issue with over-the-air TV signals; however there is no available spectrum in cable TV. One would need to use the "super combiner" or other filters to steal some spectrum space for the MediaHub, but cable channels in this space would be blocked.
  • It cannot enable people with only one set-top box in the house to watch two different TV programs at the same time.
  • It cannot watch two things at the same time from the same DVR.

Known Issues:

If you are in the south Texas region and are using Comcast as the TV program provider, the BOCS remote might not work your HD Set-up box and DVR combo unit. Here is the explanation from David:

"Very interesting - it actually looks to me like we are learning the code correctly and reproducing it well. Turns out there is a LOT of chatter on the boards about this box and how every universal remote out there is having trouble."

"Cisco is getting really bad press as this is their first new box since buying SA and they totally messed it up."

"I've got some scope traces (and a lot more information) in to UEI (the chipset maker) and have already gotten a response from them that we are not the first to ask in general (first with this particular chip) and they are researching how to solve the problem - they said they may need to send me a file update - I'm going to have to research what that means and how to implement once they send - but the response is promising."

This is the latest information about this issue. We'll keep working on this issue and post the update at here. At this point, if you are in South Texas and are using Comcast service, please call 281-6641209 before making purchase.

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