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Install YAMJ Movie Jukebox for Your HDX 1000

Yet Another Movie Jukebox

Install YAMJ (Yet Another Movie Jukebox) for Your HDX 1000


You Deserve a Graphical User Interface:


HDX 1000So now you have started using your own HDX 1000. You like the functions and the features of which the machine can offer. However, there is one concern on your mind: the file navigation interface is so 80s. It makes you feel as if you are using Norton Commander on Microsoft DOS - (if you are old enough and still remember how it looks). Yes, the movie title can be listed on the screen clearly. But, for an entertainment box like this, wouldnít it better to allow users to pick a movie by its visually self-explainable picture cover?


The good news is, movie jukebox software plug-ins are available which will allow graphical navigation on your HDX 1000. YAMJ, My Lil Movie Mukebox and UMC are the more popular plug-ins. Today, Iím going to use YAMJ (Yet Anpther Movie Jukebox) as an example to display how the jukebox works on your HDX 1000 and what you can expect to encounter during the setup process.




Installation Process Overview:


The YAMJ setup process might look complicated at the first glance. However, if you can follow the steps listed below, you can install it on your computer.


  • Download and Install the YAMJ and the necessary tools on your computer. (Remember to follow the proposed folder structure.)
  • Share your movie collection folder and make it a Map Network Drive.
  • On your HDX 1000, create a Network Share pointing to the shared movie folder on your computer.
  • Use the YAMJ GUI Config tool to setup the path information of your folder settings and create a My_YAMJ batch file.
  • Run the My_YAMJ batch file to create the movie jukebox index page.
  • Run the index page from your HDX 1000, you can bring up the graphical file selection menu on your HDX 1000.


Detailed YAMJ Installation Process:


Step 1: You need to download the YAMJ and the necessary tools to run the YAMJ on your computer. The download list is presented in below.


Step 2: Install Java Runtime Environment.


Step 3: Create a YAMJ folder on your HDD. Extract both YAMJ and YAMJ GUI tool into this folder.


Step 4: Create a Media Info folder underneath the YAMJ folder. Extract the Media Info into this folder. Now your YAMJ folder should look like this:



Step 5: Create a shared map network drive for your movie collection folder on your computer.


First of all, share your movie folder. Right click on the folder where you save your movies. Left click on the "Sharing" tab. Click on both options in the "Network sharing and security" section in the middle of the window. Give a shared name to this folder. (See the picture below.)



Second, set a map network drive for this folder. You first bring up the Windows explorer. Click on the Tools > Map Network Drive, and you should be able to see the pop-up window as below. Pick a Drive label (in my case it is U), browse to the folder you just shared in above (in my case it is workgroup > Howard-laptop > Video Shares), select the folder and click "OK", and "Finish" the whole process. Now you have the Map Network Drive set up.††



Step 6: Create a Network Share on your HDX 1000, pointing to the movie folder you just put on share. You can go to Setup > Network Share > Browse. Find the folder you just shared (in my case, it is workgroup > Howard-laptop > Video Shares), set the share name (I set mine as test) and hit "add".



Step 7: Go to the YAMJ folder on your computer. Run the YAMJ GUI Config program.


First, you need to set up where the movie collection folder is on your computer. Please see the picture below. After you click on the "Select Dir" button at the top, browse to the Map Network drive you just created (mine is U:), and click ok.



Second, tell the program where the HDX 1000 can find the movie collection folder. There are four options. In my case, it is on a Network Path on the NMT, so Iíll click on it. You will be asked about the IP address of your HDX 1000 in a new pop-up window. (The IP address is available in the setup > network on the HDX 1000.) After that, find the share name you just set up in Step 6.




Third, by clicking on the bottom "Select Dir" button, you can tell the program where to save the created movie jukebox index page. For my setup, I want it to be in my U:\Movies folder.



Fourth, click on the "Add" button at the bottom, and then hit "Save". You will be asked where you want to save the temporary batch file (this batch file will run the process to create the movie jukebox index page). In my case, I want to save it in my YAMJ folder (see below picture).



Step 8: Go to the folder where you just saved the batch file in Step 6. The batch file name is My_YAMJ. Run the batch file and you will see the process begin (see the picture below). The run time depends on how many movies you have in the folder. I only have one movie, "Goldfinger" in the folder so the process will only take approximately 20 seconds to finish; click any key when the process finishes.



STEP 9: Run the movie jukebox index file on the HDX 1000.


First, go to the HDX 1000 and browse to the place where you saved the movie jukebox index file. In my case it is in Media Source > test (see below picture). Because the index file is an html document, you need to click the fourth icon from the right in the media type selection window (see below picture).




At this point, you should be able to find a document called index.htm. Click on it, and the movie jukebox function will be activated.



Below, you can see how the movie jukebox looks. There are ways to improve the appearance, but I wonít go over that in this video clip.



Click on the movie cover, and the movie will start playing.




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