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Tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to maintain and use your SKYPE TELBOX LB-USB B2K.

USBB2K Skype Telbox Drivers and Documentation


You can download a copy of the latest driver and user manual from the Yealink website. Select "Support" and "USB VoIP Phone" to get to the download page.

Please download the latest version of driver as the software has been updated as new versions of Windows and Skype were released. The version that came with your original package may not be the latest.

Drivers for other VOIP services (non-Skype) and non-Windows platform (Linux, Mac) are available; but they have not been updated for several years. Support for later releases of these platforms are unclear.

Configuring Yealink's SkyMACMate

Note 09.18.2006:  AmperorDirect has determined that SkyMACMate is not currently compatible with the Intel processor-based Mac systems and shows to be not fully stable with G5 systems as well. G4 and below have not reported any problems with compatibility.

Unlike Windows users who use Yealink's SkypeMate and can configure several different ways to have their Skype device work with their system, Mac users are more limited on just what they can accomplish in the way of being flexible with their systems.

We have been listening to our customers asking for help in getting their Skype devices to work with a Mac the way they want it to. Well, after talking with the manufacturer, we have finally come up with some solutions to some of the requests we have received, and we are happy to show you how they work.

Below are fixes for using your Skype device without needing to have a land-line (now default in the new version), and how to change the default setting on switching between USB & land-line for making calls. Read on, and we'll add more as we get it.

  • Make sure that neither SkyMACMate nor any previous version of SkypeMate is currently running.
  • Go into applications.
  • Right-click (control-click) SkyMACMate -> Show Package Contents
  • In contents, goto MacOS
  • In MacOS you should see three items: SkyMACMate, PhoneAbout, and Custom.ini.
  • Double-click to open the application.
  • If the system tells you that there is no default application for viewing the file, choose TextEdit

The contents of the file should look something like this:

[ Audio ]
SPKVolume = 50
MICVolume = 100
[ Device ]
iRingIndex = 0
bBoxDefaultPSTN = 1
bDialPopupSkype = 1
bW1DAutoSelectChannelAddress = 1
nW1DFixedChannelAddress = 0
iBoxOutputCIDType = 1
bRefusePSTNWhenSkypeTalking = 1
bRefuseSkypeWhenSkypeTalking = 0
bPhoneAsSpeaker = 0
bPlaySkypeRingToDevice = 1
szBoxTurnCommand = *

No land-line:

To change the device from defaulting to PTSN (or POTS) telephone "line" to "USB" (the new version has this changed by default), change the bBoxDefaultPSTN value from 1 to 0. Make sure you only change the number and not any spaces before or after the number because the configuration file needs to find everything exactly where it expects it, and if you delete or add extra spaces, then that may cause the device to work in ways that would make your hair fall out.


Switching between USB & Line:

To change the device to switch between USB and PTSN (POTS) lines, change szBoxTurnCommand from * to whatever you choose. Keep in mind that whenever SkyMACMate detects that key combination, it will switch from one to another and it just might do so when you least want it to. Some people have expressed an interest in ** as the switch pattern so they could use some phone menu options without switching lines. This is how you would do so.

After making the change and saving the file, launch the SkyMACMate application. After about 15 seconds or so you should see that the device automatically switches from Line to USB. If it doesn't, then make sure that Skype is running as well. Another method that we have tried and found to work is to change the line: bBoxDefaultPSTN = 1 to bBoxDefaultUSB = 1 the same result happens no matter which way you try it. BUT, if you have both listed, you'll find that the device keeps switching between USB and Line - even though the lines tell it to do the same thing. So, one or the other, but not both.

Either way, whenever you start SkyMACMate, the device will show Line for about 15 seconds or so before switching over to USB every time. After that it should remain at USB unless a land-line call is made or received.

Yealink's B2K VoIP Phone Adapter on a Mac

The LB USB-B2K Internet VoIP Adapter, can now be used on a Mac running OS X 10.3 - Panther, or 10.4 - Tiger with the latest SkyMACMate software from Yealink installed.

A Mac system with a USB connection will recognize the adapter because of the built-in drivers on the device, and now will be able to install the SkyMACMate software (see above) for full utilization of the unit.

Now, in a Windows system the SkypeMate software has features that will allow you to change the default way to use the B2K from "line" (regular telephone) to "USB" (for Skype calls first.)  The Mac version currently does not have this feature, but the newest revision defaults to USB and there is a configuration file you can modify to change the default.   This comes in handy if you decide to use Skype for all of your telephone needs and get rid of your regular land-line, because if the default way to make a call is through "Line", but you do not have an active land-line connection, the phone will not work.  Oh, you can still receive calls through Skype, and you can make calls if you start them from the Skype software, but the phone won't respond when you press "*" to switch to the USB connection.  We have found that when you remove the land-line from the B2K when using a Mac, the phone does not work if it is set to default to "Line", therefore requiring us to start all of our calls from the Skype keypad instead.  Everything else works fine, though.

Something else we found is that many times people will connect the B2K to their Mac, and it will be detected fine, then they will install the SkyMACMate software and that loads just fine, too, but when a call comes in, it rings the system speakers and if the person can hear them on the other end it is because the computer microphone (if there) will pick up the voice - and not the phone.  To fix this you need to go into the Skype menu, then Preferences.  Ensure that both the Audio input and output are set to "USB Audio Device" and then the system will use your phone as you expect.  Use SkyMACMate to change the volume levels for the call itself instead of using the main system volume so you don't end up blowing out your ears the next time you go to watch a movie or listen to music (or play a game) on the system.

Overall we've found that the functionality and sound quality of using the B2K with our iMac G3 running OS X 10.3 - Panther has been a good one, and we will continue to test and update as we go along.  Please feel free to send us updates if you find out any more interesting tidbits.

How to use Skype Telbox Without a Landline

When the usb-b2k Skype Telbox is shipped-out from the factory, it is set by default to PSTN – which means that it looks for a dial-tone before making a call.  The factory assumes that most people will use the same telephone for both Skype and land-line calls, and when people pick up the phone, there is a greater chance that the call being made is a normal call rather than a Skype call.

But, for those diehard Skype users, AmperorDirect’s support team knows what you’re looking for.  Some of you have already canceled the regular land-line (bad service, grumpy support, high phone bills, dreaded <something>-in-law owns stock in the company,) or some of you have had to set up your computer away from a landline (and running cords and cables everywhere just gives people something to follow when you just want to hide while on the computer.)  You might have bought a Skype Telbox to connect Skype calls to a regular phone because you don’t like to use a PC headset, or the Microphone and Speaker combination, or you’re just a purist who thinks (and there’s nothing wrong with it, either) that if you’re talking with someone, by-golly it should be on a phone.  Thus, having to find a land-line to connect to the Telbox really causes more trouble than you want to deal with.

So, here are the procedures for changing the default settings to ones more convenient:

Step 1 Find the SkyMe icon on the toolbar and right-click on it.  (Yes, you have to have SkyMe installed on your system before you can do this.  It was provided on the installation CD or can be found here.

Step 2 Click on “Advanced”.

Step 3 Change the adaptor default channel from ‘PSTN” to “USB”.

Now you can use the Skype Telbox without having to have it connected it to a land-line.

See the detailed setup with pictures in pdf format here.


High pitched beep when talking on Skype

  • Install the latest B2K driver.
  • Push the # key when making Skype calls.

Poor call quality

  • Install the latest B2K driver.
  • Make sure the USB port connection is good and no other devices are sharing the same USB port.

Customer Feedback

  1. I have a USB TelBox running on a Macintosh G5 1.8 GHz Dual processor running OSX 10.5.8, SkyMACMate, and Skype

    I had great difficulty to get the B2K, running automatically on start up with Skype and SkyMACMate in the login startup folder. SkyMACMate would startup before Skype and SkyMACMate would not work. I tried the obvious like put a "-" infront of Skype to make it appear in the list first, no difference. I wrote an apple Script to do the startup to make sure SkyMACMate started second- still no joy and SkyMACMate was always added to the login Startup folder if it was not there.

    To make this work I ended up using this script.

    set test1 to 1000000        ;delay execution of script until the SkyMACMate in login folder started.
    repeat until test1 = 0
         set test1 to test1 - 1
    end repeat

    tell application "SkyMACMate"        ; Quit SkyMACMate application
    end tell

    tell application "-Skype"        ;startup Skype application
    end tell

    set test to 5000000        ; delay SkyMACMate until Skype had started correctly
    repeat until test = 0
         set test to test - 1
    end repeat

    tell application "SkyMACMate"        ;startup SkyMACMate application
    end tell

    tell application "System Events"        ;Hide SkyMACMate
         set visible of process "SkyMACMate" to false
    end tell

    The numbers in the variables test1 & test can be adjusted to suit the speed of the processor to minimise startup time. eg: a G4 (OSX 10.4.11) & G3 (OSX 10.3) Mac test1 = 500000 test=2000000 worked well.

    I know this is not a very elegant script but it works. It is probably possible to have the System events set a flag when Skype has finished starting and then start SkyMACMate. When I get a little time I will see if this is a possibility.

    Hope this is of some help to some one else.

    The user manual is not very clear about dialing out when using Skype.

    I ended up putting 0061(country code) into M1 on the phone and dial that first then add the local number with area code +#. Skype does not automatically add the country code or area code to the number when dialing out through SkyMACMate.

    When using the PSTN line it is not necessary to add the # to the number, when * is pressed the normal phone line is directly accessed by the phone, at least in Australia.

    ... Leon D.

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