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P1K Skype USB VoIP Phone Knowledge Base

Tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to maintain and use your Yealink P1K.

P1K Skype VoIP Phone Knowledge Base

Note: Yealink has published updated drivers for Skype and Windows operating systems only. If you are using MAC or other VOIP services, this phone may not work for you. You can download a copy of the latest driver and user manual from the Yealink website. Select "Support" and "USB VoIP Phone" to get to the download page.

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Skype P1K User Manual

Get Adobe AcrobatPlease download the official manual for Windows operating systems for the P1K here.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read this pdf file.

For Mac users, you may download your version here.

Configuring Yealink's SkyMACMate

Note 09.18.2006:  AmperorDirect has determined that SkyMACMate is not currently compatible with the Intel processor-based Mac systems and shows to be not fully stable with G5 systems as well.  G4 and below have not reported any problems with compatibility.

Unlike Windows users who use Yealink's SkypeMate and can configure several different ways to have their Skype device work with their system, Mac users are more limited on just what they can accomplish in the way of being flexible with their systems.

We have been listening to our customers asking for help in getting their Skype devices to work with a Mac the way they want it to. Well, after talking with the manufacturer, we have finally come up with some solutions to some of the requests we have received, and we are happy to show you how they work.

Yealink's P1K VoIP USB Skype Phone on a Mac

The Yealink P1K VoIP Skype Phone, can now be used on a Mac running OS X 10.3 - Panther, or 10.4 - Tiger with the latest SkyMACMate software from Yealink installed. **NOTE: Issues have been observed on Intel-based Mac systems. Until the issues are addressed, consistent results may not be obtained.**

A Mac system with a USB connection will recognize the unit because of the built-in drivers on the device, and now will be able to install the SkyMACMate software (see above) for full utilization of the unit.

We have had calls from folks who have connected their unit to their Mac only to have no display on the screen of the P1K unit. This happens when the SkyMACMate software has not connected to the Skype application for some reason and therefore the device has no connection to Skype.  Things to check for include:

1.  When SkyMACMate is installed, ensure that you tell skype that the program that wants to use Skype is allowed to use Skype all of the time.  Saying "no" will keep SkyMACMate from connecting to Skype and the phone at the same time and so the phone will show no display.

2.  If you haven't done so allready, re-boot your system after installing SkyMACMate.  This will allow all of the pieces of software to fully settle into place and get to work.  We realize that this is so Windows-ish, but there are times that it's still true.

3.  Ensure that both Skype (started first) and SkyMACMate (started second) are started and the green icons are showing in the dock.  If the SkyMACMate icon is red, then it's not talking to the phone.  Which leads us to......

4.  Ensure that the phone is connected by the USB cable directly to the computer.  Most VoIP products will not work through an un-powered USB hub, and even some powered USB hubs.  This includes the USB ports on the Mac keyboards, so connect the device directly to the computer itself.  This seems to take care of 95% of the recognition issues that we and our users see.

Something else we found is that many times people will connect the P1K to their Mac, and it will be detected fine, then they will install the SkyMACMate software and that loads just fine, too, but when a call comes in, it rings the system speakers. Then, if the person can hear them on the other end it is because the computer microphone (if there) will pick up the voice - and not the phone.  To fix this you need to go into the Skype menu, then Preferences.  Ensure that both the Audio input and output are set to "USB Audio Device" and then the system will use your phone as you expect.  Use SkyMACMate to change the volume levels for the call itself instead of using the main system volume so you don't end up blowing out your ears the next time you go to watch a movie or listen to music (or play a game) on the system.

Overall we've found that the functionality and sound quality of using the P1K with our iMac G3 running OS X 10.3 - Panther has been a good one for a basic entry model, and we will continue to test and update as we go along.  Please feel free to send us updates if you find out any more interesting tidbits.

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