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How to Update SMC Skype wifi Phone Firmware

How to update SMC Skype WiFi Phone Firmware


Here is our illustarted step-by-step instructions to update your SMC Skype WiFi Phone

  • Step 1: Go to SMC Skype wifi phone product page at smc.com at HERE. Left-click on the firmware link (circled in red in the below picture) on the right-hand site navigation bar.


  • Step 2: At the SMC Skype wifi phone support page, left-click on the Download icon (circled in red). Please note the firmware you will get on this page is the English / Spanish / Traditional Chinese with Fon support version. You can left-click on the country selection drop-down menu (also circled in red), change the region, go to the product support page and see if SMC offers the language version you need.


  • Step 3: Find the firmware you just download in your HDD. Unzip the firmware. In the new folder generated in the unzipping process, you can find an application (.exe) file. The application file in my folder is called: WSKP100_FUSA_V1.0.0.22P1-070713. This is the V1.0.0.22P1 version firmware published at 07/13/2007. The file name will be changed if SMC publishes another update. Double-click on the application file.
  • Step 4: Now, you should see the wifi phone update wizard pop-up on your screen. Follow the instruction to make sure your SMC Skype wifi phone is not plugged into your computer via USB cable and your wifi phone is in power-off mode. Left-click on the Next> button.


  • Step 5: Read the warning message on the screen and left-click on the Next> button.


  • Step 6: You will see update wizard refresh itself. Follow the instruction on the screen to plug in the SMC Skype wifi phone to your computer via USB cable. (Please note that you don't need to power-on the wifi phone.) After the wifi phone is plugged in, the firmware updating process should automatically start itself.


  • Step 7: The firmware updating process could last for up to 10 minutes. Please be patient and don't interrupt the process or unplug the USB cable. Not having the updating process completed normally after it starts might damage your SMC Skype wifi phone.


  • Step 8: After finishing the process, left-click on the Finish button. At this point, you have successfully updated your SMC Skype wifi phone with the latest firmware.



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