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Yealink B3G RJ11-USB Skype Diverter Support Page

Yealink B3G Skype Diverter

Reference Manual

Yealink B3G RJ11-USB Skype Diverter Reference Manual


You can download a copy of the latest driver and user manual from the Yealink website. Select "Support" and "USB VoIP Phone" to get to the download page.

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From Asad K.: He was trying to program his cell to call the B3G to make Skype calls.

My cell phone has a setting for "Tone Length". If I change this setting to "Long" from the default value for "Short", then the dial-success rate goes up to 80% or better, as long as I also have at least a 6 second delay before entering the password#. With tone-length set to short, the success- rate is less then 10% regardless of how long a delay I put in.
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