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Skype Problems - How to Find a Language Learning Partner on Skype

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Skype Problem - How to Find Language Learner Partner in Skype


We know the reason that some of you wish to join the Skype community is to find a good partner online to practice foreign language. We also know that sometimes it is difficult to find a good language learning partner online - you aren't able to know if that girl with a good looking picture is an internet salesperson who wants no more than to make you open your wallet, or if that handsome boy who sends you the chat request is just trying to show off his dictionary of disturbing words.


The way we suggest for you to perform your Skype language exchange practice is through established online language learning communities. They usually have community guards to filter out un-qualified users. The following is a list of examples:



This is the discussion forum for language learning by Skype. Here, you can see people posting their requests of finding partners to learn a foreign language. You can send the poster a reply stating your interests. Or, if you are brave enough, you can initiate a language learning exchange request by yourself!


In the post, it is recommended to mention your native language, the language you want to learn and your Skype ID (optional). It can save you some time in finding your prefect language learning partner. Just be sure to add the other party’s Skype ID to your friends list when they try to ping you for a talk. It will be easier to find the same person next time if their ID is in your buddy list.



Here are some language learning applications or communities listed on Skype Extra. They may require a program to be installed on your computer to help you find a partner or facilitate a chat / talk session. Generally, they are still using Skype as the communication tool.



Here are some language translation tools in Skype Extra. You can also go Google "translator". You can find a lot of useful online translation tools there.


Online Language exchange society: http://www.soziety.com/
Online Language exchange society: http://www.italki.com/
Online Language exchange society: http://www.language-exchanges.org/login.aspx


The above are three online language exchange societies. They all need users to create an account to log-in. italki.com is the most popular one we know out there on Internet. The other two societies are good and can help you find your language learning partner, too.  


BTW, don't forget to get a Skype Cordless phone to conduct your language learning session. You can have the freedom to walk around while doing so.



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