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Check Skype voicemail when away from home

We know you love to use Skype. And we also know you don’t want to miss any important Skype calls, either. The call might come from your sweetheart, studying in an out of state college or it might be from a potential customer who wants to place an order. However, we also know that it is not practical to stay in front of the computer for 24 hours a day while waiting for that call.

The newer versions of Skype offers voicemail and call-forwarding functions, but, it’s not easy to check your voice mail when you are away from your Skype computer. Further, using Skype’s call-forwarding service to forward Skype calls to your mobile phone through SkypeOut costs money.

AmperorDirect’s support team knows the trouble you’ve seen, and we took the challenge to find a better solution for you. As always, we started our search for the answer by using whatever “old” telephone equipment you might already have lying about.

The solution includes three steps:

Yes, it really was that simple and easy. If you are near your home computer, just pick up the telephone and you can make or receive Skype calls. If you are away from your home computer, the answering machine will pick up the Skype calls and record messages for you just as if it was connected to a regular landline. If you want to check your messages, all you need to do is call your home phone number and you can access the answering machine like you normally would from away.

Note: The Skype Telbox default channel needs to stay in PSTN, not USB mode for this method to work.


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