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Skype Problems - Connections

Skype Connection Problem, Ugh!!!

You are grounded in Paris, Texas. Your loved one is having a good time in Paris, France and you're talking to her over Skype. Suddenly you start hearing clicks, crackles, and pops over the connection. Eventually you don't hear her voice at all. You call her back again and only after a few minutes the connection turns sour again. This is getting frustrating. Anyone that has used Skype enough will eventually run into Skype Problems.

What are common Skype problems?

Based on our own experience and listening in on various forums, here is a list of ideas that may make you a hero for the day.

Major causes of connection problems can include:

  • System configuration: router, firewall, internet filtering software, USB driver
  • Insufficient resources: CPU, memory, LAN (network inside your house), WAN (network outside of your house)
  • Defective hardware: bad router, overheated CPU

For problems related to echo, read this article "Echos - A Common Problem for Skype Users".

Got it? Good. So let's get started.

Skype Problem - Software and firmware upgrade related

Upgrade your system to the latest software releases for:

  • Skype
  • Audio device drivers for sound card, skype phone, and others
  • Network drivers for Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet adapter(s)
  • Operating system network related patches
  • System device drivers for your system/motherboard for your operating system.

If you are using Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2, check out this article and install the patch as required. Programs that are connected to IP addresses in the loopback address range may not work as expected.

Try to avoid beta versions until your system has been stabilized. This would give you a clean foundation to work on. If after trying "normal" drivers and the issue is not resolved, then trying betas are warranted. Many of today's Skype problems are based on working with beta version of drivers and software.

If your problem shows up after upgrading to the latest Skype version, you can download older versions from our Skype Download Page.

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