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Premium Solution - Skype in Your Home

How to add Skype to your entire home using Skype based DualPhone system


Skype Home SmallThe 'premium' level solution for installing Skype service in your entire home utilizes the latest Skype technologies in phone systems - the DualPhone expandable phone system. This solution only requires the purchase of a Skype DualPhone system and does not require a VoIP Phone Adapter.


There is only one requirement in order to have the premium Skype solution working in your entire house using a Skype based phone system.


In order to have your home entirely Skype ready, you need to attach a regular phone line from your telephone jack into your DualPhone base set and then a USB connection from your base set to your computer.


Skype - Download Today!Once you have the DualPhone base set connected to the VoIP adapter and the regular telephone jack, you would need to place the DualPhone handset extension sets wherever you like within your home. It is that easy! Now you are ready to process Skype calls all over your house!


Materials needed to complete this project:


Benefits of using Skype based phone system:

  • Skype based phones automatically update your Skype Contacts
  • Easiest installation and fully expandable
  • Make both regular and all Skype based calls from one phone


Drawbacks of using Skype based phone system:

  • None


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