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How to Personalize your Skype

A Story of “No Face” - How to personalize your Skype

Skype No FaceHello, my name is “No Face”. You might think I look familiar because I have a lot of brothers and sisters who look just like me all over the world. I love to do chat, make new friends, and share my experiences over Skype. However, only those who know me well can tell me from my siblings and will pick up my call. For others, they cannot see my inner beauty through my dark face and just won’t bother to answer!

I was always upset about this until one day I saw AmperorDirect’s Skype knowledge base. It showed me how to put color on my face and make me look less like my siblings. It was simple and easy, and all I had to do was follow the following steps:


  • Open the Skype program
  • Click on Tools, and then Options
  • Click on Edit my Skype profile
  • Change my face by clicking on the Change button


I can also change my personal contact information such as my real name, telephone number, birthday, address, post a short “About Me” to let people know who I am before they pick up my call, etc.


I’m going to see if this new face can help me make more friends. I’m sure a smiling face will be better than just a No-Face.




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