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Polycom-Skype Business Solution

The Ultimate Business Conference Solution



Skype - Download Today!Situation 1: You have a Polycom SoundStation2 in your conference room. For years you have enjoyed the crystal clear sound quality it provides. It has been with you through so many business critical deals.


Now, you have discovered Skype. You know the money Skype can save you in making domestic or international calls, but you still want to use your three-legged starfish in your conference room that has treated you so well. It’s your lucky charm after all. What can you do?



Situation 2: You are a Skyper. You know how good the sound quality a Skype conversation can be and how much money it can save you in doing domestic or international calls. Now, you want to use Skype in your business. You want all of the people in the conference room to listen and speak freely, without bending down to the computer microphone. What do you do?




The solution is simple: Connect a Skype phone adapter (B2K or B3G) to a computer in the conference room to use Skype conversations, and connect a Polycom Soundstation(2) to the phone adapter to use the microphone and speaker. Polycom Soundstation(2)’s proven noise cancellation and echo reduction technology will generate the superior voice quality you need in business calls. You can now focus on listening to your customers and closing the deal without having to try and figure out what is being said or repeating yourself.


Yes, you can enjoy the cost effective Skype call rates and the good sound quality of a Polycom conference phone at the same time. Just buy a Skype phone adapter (B2K or B3G). The installation is easy!



polycom_solution USB Adapter


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