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Fingertip Pulse Oximeter MD300C General Description

Choice Medical MD300C Fingertip Pulse Oximeter General Description

General Description

Haemoglobin Saturation is percentage of HbO2 (Oxyhemoglobin), compounded with oxygen, in haemoglobin (Hb). In other words, it indicates the saturation of HbO2 in the blood. It is a crucial physiological parameter for the Respiratory System and it is an essential factor in a healthy Circulatory System. Many respiratory diseases can lead to decrease of SPO2 saturation. Moreover, such factors as organic automatic adjustment malfunction derived from anesthesia, side effect of major operation and injures aroused from physical check can also cause problems with SPO2 saturation variation, which contributed to such adverse symptoms such as faint, vomit and feeling weak and so on. Hence, it is recommended for doctors to analyze patientsĺ SPO2 saturation as reference to detect the root cause of the conditions before mentioned.

The fingertip pulse oximeter is a devise of small dimensions that features low power consumption is non invasive and easy-to-use. It is as simple as putting your finger in the device and in a few seconds it will read data though a light-sensitive sensor probe, then the associated reading will be displayed on the screen.

Measurement Principle

The MD300C series of fingertip pulse oximeter contains a dual light source and photo detector. Bone, tissue, pigmentation, and venous vessels normally absorb a constant amount of light over time. The arteriolar bed normally pulsates and absorbs variable amounts of light during systole and diastole, as blood volume increases and decreases. The ratio of light absorbed at systole and diastole is translated into an oxygen saturation measurement. This measurement is referred to as SpO2. The principle of the oximeter rely on the property of spectrum which collect data from hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin in glow area and area of approximate infrared source and apply the formula ´┐ŻLamnert Beer´┐Ż to establish the evaluating equation. In fact, the basic calculating technique is to combine electro-photo SPO2 detecting technology with recording mock pulse rate technology to get the result, the process demonstrate as below:

  • Firstly, use glow with wavelength of 660cm and approximate infrared with wavelength of 940cm to put light on the finger tip ready to read analogue data.
  • Secondly, to process the data by electric circuit and microprocessor, then convey the data to LED display for reading.

Diagram of Operation Principle

oximeter operation principle
  1. Red and Infrared-ray Emission Tube
  2. Red and Infrared-ray Receipt Tube


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