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Choice Medical MD300C - Operation Instructions

Choice Medical MD300C Fingertip Pulse Oximeter - Operation Instructions

Product Properties

  • Easy to use
  • Small dimension, light in weight (total weight is about 50g including batteries) and convenient for portable.
  • Lower power consumption; originally-equipped two AAA batteries can last to 30 hours.
  • Low voltage warning will be indicated in visual window when battery voltage is too low and normal application of the Oximeter might be influenced.
  • No signal can be tested, device will power off automatically in 8 seconds.

Product Operation Scope

The fingertip oximeter can be used to measure human Haemoglobin Saturation and heart rate through finger. The product is suitable for use in family, hospital (including clinical use in internist/surgery, Anaesthesia, paediatrics, intensive care and etc.) Oxygen Club, social medical organizations, physical care in sports (It can be used before or after sports. Operation in sport procedure is not recommended) and etc.

The product is not suitable to monitor patient continuously.

Operation Instructions

  1. Installing two AAA batteries into battery cassette before closing its cover.
  2. Open the clamp shown as in the picture below:
  3. Put one of your fingers into rubber hole of the Oximeter (it is better to let your finger touch the bottom.) before releasing the clamp
  4. Press the switch button for one time on front panel.
  5. Do not rock your finger when starting test. Recommend you do not move your body at the same time.
  6. Read correspondent data from display screen.

Display Modes¹

After turn on the oximeter, each time you press the power switch, the oximeter will switch to another display mode. The number of display modes is dependent on your model.


When you press and hold the power switch for more than one second, the brightness of the oximeter will be changed by degrees, there are 10 levels on brightness; the default level is level four.


  • SpO2: <90%
  • Pulse rate: <60 or >100 bpm

Visual Alarm: The measuring value will be flashing when it is through over the alarm limitation.

Audio Alarm: The buzzer will beep shortly for two times when the value excesses the alarm limitation.

Alarm Silence: When the audio alarm occurs, press the button and then the Oximeter will enter into the "alarm silence mode" for 30 seconds, and then there is only the visual alarm. This silence operating has only effect on the alarm sound not on the pulse rate sound.

In the silence mode, press the button, and then the display mode will be changed.

It will exit the silence mode automatically when a new alarm occurs or the value is in the normal range again.


Please use the medical alcohol to clean the rubber touching the finger inside of Oximeter, and clean the test sensor using alcohol before and after operation. (The rubber inside of the Oximeter is medical rubber, which has non-toxic, and not harmful to a person's skin).

When you put finger into the Oximeter, your nail surface must be upward.


oximeter operation


¹ This is applicable to certain models only. See the technical specifications for the corresponding model for more details.


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