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Choice Medical MD300I Handheld Pulse Oximeter Maintenance and Repair

Warning: The advanced circuit inside the oximeter does not require periodic calibration and maintenance, instead of replacing the batteries.

Don’t open the cover of oximeter or repair electronic circuits. It's open will cause the damage of the device and the annulment of the guarantee.


It is very important for user to perform daily maintenance of oximeter and parts in order to maintain its function and appearance. Disinfection procedures may be performed with the use of the below mentioned cleaner/disinfectants. Failure to perform these procedures may result in invalidating the warranty. Local disinfection protocols will apply.

Please take out battery before cleaning the oximeter.

The external surface of the oximeter can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth. Do not submerge the oximeter in any solution at any time. To do so will void the warranty. Use the following permitted solutions:

  • Ammonia (diluted)
  • Glutaraldehyde
  • 10% Bleach solution
  • Mild soapy water (diluted).
  • Do not use the following cleaners:
    • Any kind of scrubbing or scouring solution
    • Acetone
    • Alcohol-based cleaners

Battery maintenance

  • Remove the batteries if you will not be using the oximeter for a long time.
  • Charge the batteries (NiMH or Li) fully prior to storage.
  • Please charge over 14 hours at first time, or will reduce the battery life.


Error Definitions

  • Err 1: program memory damaged.
  • Err 2: data memory damaged.
  • Err 3: sensor Red Emission Diode damaged.
  • Err 4: sensor Infrared-ray Emission Diode damaged.
  • Err 5: sensor Infrared-ray Receipt Diode damaged.
  • Err 6: exterior crystal oscillator damaged.
  • Err 7: sensor emission diode or receipt diode damaged.
  • Err 9: real time clock damaged.
  • Err 10: EEPROM chip damaged.

Possible problem and corresponding resolution

ProblemsPossible reasonsSolution
SpO2 or PR cannot be displayed normally Finger is not plugged correctly Patient’s Oxyhemoglobin value is too low to be measured
Patient’s Oxyhemoglobin value is too low to be measured Attempt several time to obtain a reading, If are sure that no problem exists, obtain further clinical examination SpO2 or PR display is unstable
SpO2 or PR display is unstable Finger might not be plugged deep enough Retry by plugging the finger
Finger is trembling or patient is moving continually Urge the patient to remain still
The Oximeter can not be powered on Battery power may be inadequate or not installed Please replace batteries
Batteries might be installed incorrectly Please reinstall the batteries
The Oximeter might be damaged Contact local customer Technical Service
“Error3” or “Error4” Displayed on screen Receiving diode may be shielded or damaged together with broken connector. Contact local customer Technical Service
Mechanical Misplace for receive-emission diode
Amp circuit malfunction.
“Error7” displayed on screen Emission diode damaged. Contact local customer Technical Service
Current control circuit malfunction.
“Probe off” displayed on screen The sensor is not connected Connect the sensor
The connection between the Probe and Oximeter is loose. Please check if the probe was connected with oximeter correctly
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