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Choice Medical Wrist Pulse Oximeter MD300W1 Reference


Choice Medical MD300W1 Wrist Pulse Oximeter Operator's Manual

MD300W1 Operator Manual in PDF format

MD300W1 Technical Specifications in PDF format

MD300W1 Product Description

MD300W1 Product Specifications

MD300W1 Maintenance & Storage

For more information on pulse oximeter, visit our Pulse Oximeter Resource Center.

Additional oximeter probes

Additional probes of various kinds (e.g. ear, wrap) are available. Make sure select one with miniature D connector.

MedView Manual

Medview Software User Manual Ver 4.0 for Software Version: 2.1.1

Error Codes

E1: Malfunction of SpO2 mode, can not measure usually.

E2: Failure to store or read data, but can enter into normal state.

E13: Low battery voltage.

MedView Random Notes

Here is a collection of common questions asked related to running MedView.

Archive data: After each data set is transmitted to the computer, select File >> Save Data to save data to your hard disk. Assign a meaningful file name, such as name or patient ID followed by timestamp. If there were multiple patients, assign a folder to each patient. If you read the next data set without saving the first one, the first data set would be lost.

Analysis report: See MD300W1 Analysis Report for more details.

Prob Off: The probe is not plug in or plug in incorrectly. See diagram below.

md300w1 probe position

Operating Systems: Earlier version of the software will work in 32-bit Windows only. 64-bit version is available now. The software does not work with MAC.

Synchronization Error: If computer fails to connect to the device, make sure the device driver is installed properly; otherwise you would need to install the driver manually. Consult the owner's guide on how to do the install. To check the driver installation:

  • Connect the device to the computer via the USB port and turn on the device. If the device is not powered on, it will not be able to synchronize with the computer.
  • Right click "My Computer" icon and select "Properties"
  • On "Hardware" tab, select "Device Manager."
  • Under "Ports (COM & LPT), look for “CP210x USB to UART Bridge Controller (COMx),” where COMx (e.g. COM3) is the port used by your computer for the device.
  • If you cannot find the CP210x bridge controller, the driver has not been installed.

The next step is to make sure MedView points to the right port. In the MedView "New Data Capture" page, select "Extend" and set the port (COMx) to the one shown in the Windows device manager.

Wait for at least 30 seconds for MedView to find and connect to the device. When I installed the software, I got impatient; I clicked the "Start" button and got the error message several times. Eventually MedView was able to make the connection. This happened only when I established the connection for the first time.

See Connecting the device to PC for more information.

Deleting data: The data saved on the device can be deleted from the "New Data Capture" screen in the MedView program. Just click on the "delete data" button to remove the data from the device. The data can be saved to a file by clicking File >> Save Data.

Registry: The wrist pulse oximeter MD300W1 is already licensed to use MedView. There is no need to register. If your device has not been licenised, you would need to get a product key from the manufacturer.

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