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Amperor Auto Surge Protector ADP-90DC

For 12V LCD-TV

Amperor Auto Surge Protector ADP-90DC

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Manufacturer: Amperor

Item Code: ADP-90DC-125521U

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Amperor ADP-90DC 12V LCD-TV Auto Surge Protector is a professional heavy-duty 12v surge suppressor (voltage stabilizer) that protects your delicate electronic equipment used in trucks, recreational vehicles(RV), boats, cars, caravans and motor homes. The surge protector provides a steady 12 volt supply to your sensitive electronics. Typical voltage inside a vehicle can vary from 10 volts to 24 volts depending upon the state of the battery, what else is being used and whether the battery is being charged or not at the time.

Many electronic appliances (such as TVs and Laptops) used inside trucks or RV are not designed for such a wide variation of input supply and cannot tolerate this level of swings in voltage. It can be frustrating when watching a favourite TV program and the TV switches itself off, just because a water pump comes on. Worse still, manufacturers of flat-screen, LCD-type TVs advise us that their 12 volt TVs are actually damaged by voltages exceeding 13 volts. Flat screen TVs that should last a number of decades are being severely damaged within a few months. Such is the problem that some TV manufacturers are saying that their warranty is void if their TVs are used on unregulated 12 volt supplies.

Without a regulated power source, the life span of sensitive electronic equipment may be drastically compromised.

ADP-90DC will provide a stable 12 volt output even if the input varies between 10 volts and 28 volts. The higher voltage specification allows 12 volt TVs to be powered from a 24 volt supply if required.


  • Provides a regulated 12 volt supply for safe operation of electronic equipment
  • Prevents damage to 12 volt flat screen TVs due to over voltage
  • Prevents premature switching off of TVs due to low voltage
  • Allows 12 volt equipment to be used on both 12 volt and 24 volt systems
  • Provides protection for over voltage, brown-out, over current, short circuit and input Polarity


  • Load & Line Regulation: +1% Max
  • Efficiency: > 80%
  • Dimensions:  115mm(l) x 50mm(w) x 32mm(h)
  • Weight:  Approx 383g - 0.84 lb
  • Input Adapter:  Standard auto power outlet plug on 600mm lead
  • Output Adapter:  Fixed Adapter Size OD: 5.5mm ID: 2.1mm
  • Input Voltage:  10v-28v DC 11A Max
  • Output Voltage:  12v on load 5.6A 70W Max
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