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To serve you better, we have built an extensive knowledge base on the products we carry. Visit our resource center in each of our product categories:

Acknowledgment. Some information here is from the hard work of our team members; however most is collected from the internet. We try to package the information that it would be more useful to our customers in understanding the product and in making the buying decision. We want our customers to be informed.

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Skype Tips

This knowledge base article provides general helpful Skype tips and tricks

How to Buy Home Pulse Oximeter

Excellent pulse oximeters are available at different price points. You should not base your decision on prices and brand names only. When we selected products for sale, we discovered some high quality finger tip and handheld oximeter for a great price. You should also consider your needs and expectations from the oximeter unit. Some of the aspects that we consider when testing oximeters are as follows; first and foremost is the oximeter FDA approved for sale in the US, how accurate and reliable is it, (keep in mind that all oximeters have an error rate, make sure that the error rate is not larger than 3.5%), how easy it is to use, size, comfort and convenience, and lastly, what other advance features, like study software, recording options and printable reports does the unit offers to the user.

How to Measure Power Supply Output Ripple

Testing for output ripple voltage and compliance of a Power Supply Unit

How to Buy Hearing Aids

Buying an hearing aid is not a simple process and can be very expensive. Be an educated consumer; you can save thousands of dollars and demand better services.

CMS50FW - Uses and Applications

This article explores and explains several of the many uses and applications of the CMS50FW pulse oximeter. This oximeter can be used as a SpO2 spot check for patients with COPD in order to track and record the progress of the condition. Oxygen therapy users can also check their oxygen saturation to have better control of the use of oxygen thus preventing the abuse and unintended negative consequences. This oximeter can also be useful for the endurance sports enthusiast to track recovery times among other things.


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