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High Blood Pressure Can Kill

High blood pressure can kill. Blood pressure refers to the level of pressure inside a person's circulatory system, which is responsible for delivering nutrients, oxygen, hormones, white blood cells and other essential substances to cells inside the body. The circulatory system reaches every single organ, tissues, brain and various critical parts. If the blood pressure is higher than normal, this would exert extra stress on the organs and lead to premature failure.

How to Buy Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use

Select a blood pressure monitor for home use can be daunting as there are many choices. Narrow down your options by deciding on the features you want. Do not pay for features you do not need.

How to Use a Blood Pressure Monitor

If you want to measure your blood pressure accurately, just remember a few simple things.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor: Purpose & Use

Ambulatory blood pressure monitor, under many situations, offers a better prognosis and monitoring on a patient's condition.

Normal Pediatric Pulse Rate, Respiratory Rate and Systolic Blood Pressure

The charts list the normal ranges for pulse rate, respiration rate, and systolic blood pressure for infants and children.

Limitations of blood pressure monitors

Most blood pressure monitors use the oscillometric method to calculate the blood pressure. Beware of its limitations when using your blood pressure monitor.


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