Hearing Aids

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How to Buy Hearing Aids: Do-It-Yourself
Hearing aid is a complex device and requires some learning to understand and fully utilize it. If you follow the steps outlined here, you would get a better hearing aid and save money too.

FDA Notice for Hearing Aid Users
FDA recommends all prospective hearing aid users to have a qualified medical staff to examine the patient first before purchasing a hearing aid. Not all hearing problems require hearing aids and hearing aids do not cure medical problems.

Waiver to FDA Medical Evaluation Requirements
This is the waiver to the medical evaluation requirement when purchasing hearing aids.

Hearing Aids And Personal Sound Amplifiers
A personal sound amplifier may improve your hearing experience if you follow the guideline outlined here.

Hearing Aids - Directional Microphones
Hearing aids with directional microphones can improve speech comprehension significantly. It works by filtering out noises from all directions except where the signal is coming from.

Hearing Aid Features
This article explains the common hearing aid features and helps you in buying a hearing aid.

Common Problems When Wearing New Hearing Aids
Wearing new hearing aids is like learning a new way of hearing. It would take time to adjust to your new hearing aids. Here are some problems which you may expect.

Programming Your Hearing Aids - Tools
You would need a hearing aid programmer, programming cable, and software to program your hearing aid yourself. These tools are generally for hearing aid professionals and are difficult to find.

Understand Hearing Aid Specifications and Terminology
To be a smart consumer, one should understand the technical specifications of a hearing aid. Review them before you spend your money.

Noise Levels and Exposure Guidelines
The relationship bewteen noise level or sound pressure level to common noises is important to understand hearing aid specifications. The table here provides the reference points for you.

How to Program Your Hearing Aid
Programming a digital hearing aid is not difficult once you learn the software. However find the tools can be a problem. The basic hearing aid tuning process is discussed.

What is Audiogram
Pure tone audiometry is the measurement of an individual's hearing sensitivity for calibrated pure tones at various frequencies and levels of loudness. The result is graphically represented by an audiograph plotting the minimum audibility levels against the frequencies.