Common Problems When Wearing New Hearing Aids

Getting to know your hearing aids


Wearing new hearing aids is like learning a new way of hearing. It would take time, practice and patience to adjust to your new hearing aids. Wearing your aids regularly would ease the transition process. Managing your expectation is important. Hearing aids will not restore your hearing to normal; they will improve your hearing. Do not give up hope.

Make sure that you understand your hearing aids and their features. You may be able to make some adjustments yourself; otherwise you need to go back to your audiologist. Several trips to your audiologist may be necessary to get a satisfactory result.

Common Problems for New Hearing Aids

The sound is too loud. This occurs if the hearing aids are not fit properly. You can adjust it using the volume control or talk to your audiologist. This is important as prolong exposure to loud noises can worsen your hearing.

The low frequency sound or background noise is too loud. The low frequency gain needs to be lower; if not possible, reduce the overall gain.

There is too much hissing sound. The high frequency gain needs to be lower; if not possible, reduce the overall gain.

The hearing aid is uncomfortable. Some people would feel somewhat uncomfortable with foreign objects inserted in their ears. It would take time to get used to them. Some hearing aids come with domes or plugs with different sizes; try a different one. If a hearing aid is causing pain or swelling, stop using it.

My voice sounds too loud. This is known as occlusion effect. You may experience "hollow" or "booming" echo-like sounds of your own voice. This is caused by bone-conducted sound vibrations echoing off the hearing aid in your ear canal. The occlusion effect is very common among new hearing aid users. Most people get used to this effect over time. Lower the gain may help.

I hear a whistling sound. This happens when the sound from the output of the hearing aid travels back to the microphone. It can be caused by excessive earwax, fluid inside your ear, or improper fitting. Lower the gain may help.

I hear a buzzing sound when using a mobile phone or other electronic devices. This may be caused by radio frequency interference. Try to use a headphone with your mobile.