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Oximeter MD300C1 by ChoiceMMed

Oximeter MD300C1 by ChoiceMMed

Our Price: $41.98

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Pulse Oximeter BM1000C by BerryMed (Orange)

Pulse Oximeter BM1000C by BerryMed (Orange)

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Select a blood pressure monitor for home use can be daunting as there are many choices. Narrow down your options by deciding on the features you want. Do not pay for features you do not need.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor: Purpose & Use

Ambulatory blood pressure monitor, under many situations, offers a better prognosis and monitoring on a patient's condition.

Hearing Tests: Do I Have Hearing Loss?

You can assess your hearing capability by listening to a hearing test video and answer 15 simple questions.

How to Buy Hearing Aids

Buying an hearing aid is not a simple process and can be very expensive. Be an educated consumer; you can save thousands of dollars and demand better services.

What is a Pulse Oximeter

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Normal Pediatric Pulse Rate, Respiratory Rate and Systolic Blood Pressure

The charts list the normal ranges for pulse rate, respiration rate, and systolic blood pressure for infants and children.

How to Buy Home Pulse Oximeter

Excellent pulse oximeters are available at different price points. You should not base your decision on prices and brand names only. When we selected products for sale, we discovered some high quality finger tip and handheld oximeter for a great price. You should also consider your needs and expectations from the oximeter unit. Some of the aspects that we consider when testing oximeters are as follows; first and foremost is the oximeter FDA approved for sale in the US, how accurate and reliable is it, (keep in mind that all oximeters have an error rate, make sure that the error rate is not larger than 3.5%), how easy it is to use, size, comfort and convenience, and lastly, what other advance features, like study software, recording options and printable reports does the unit offers to the user.

How to Interpret Pulse Oximeter Readings

The best place to get the answer to this question is in your doctor's office. Your pulse oximetry normal values are dependent on your health condition, respiratory rate, percentage of oxygen in the air, activities you are performing, and other factors. Here are some general guidelines to understand oximeter readings. For a regular healthy person, the normal blood oxygen saturation level (SpO2) should be around 94% to 99%. For patients with mild respiratory diseases, the SpO2 should be 90% or above. Supplementary oxygen should be used if SpO2 level falls below 90%, which is unacceptable for a prolonged period of time. Medicare will pay for oxygen supply if your reading is below 88%. If you fall into this abnormal range, consult with a doctor immediately. Many doctors want their patients to have their SpO2 above 90%.

Pulse Oximeter Pleth (Plethysmograph)

A plethysmograph is an instrument for measuring changes in volume within an organ or whole body (usually resulting from fluctuations in the amount of blood or air it contains). A photoplethysmograph (PPG) is a plethysmograph that uses optical techniques. A pulse oximeter measures oxygen saturation level (SpO2) and is also a PPG. It can measure the change in the volume of arterial blood with each pulse beat. This change in blood volume can be detected in peripheral parts of the body such as the fingertip or ear lobe using a technique called photoplethysmography. The pulse oximeter that detects the signal is called a plethysmograph (or 'Pleth' for short). Because of the nature of pulse oximeter, measuring the pressure from a pleth waveform has not been possible. However, the information has shown to be useful in diagnosis and in gauging the severity of illness in newborns. Many doctors use the pulse oximeter's pleth waveform as an early indication for cyclic changes in physiology. If the variability increases, it indicates a change in the intrathoracic/blood volume relationship. The blood flow is normally shown as a waveform using a bar or graph. It can provide useful information regarding the heart condition.

Limitations in Using a Pulse Oximeter

A pulse oximeter is simple to purchase over the internet; however you should also understand its limitations and usages to ensure accurate measurements. Pulse oximeter works by shining two lights though a translucent portion of the patient's body and measuring the variation in light absorption caused by the changes in blood flow. The total light absorbance is the sum of a constant component and a pulsating component, which is almost exclusively the result of arteriolar bed pulsations. Pulse oximetry assumes that arterial blood is the only pulsatile absorber and other sources of fluctuations could contribute to erroneous readings.

What is Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a temporary pause in breathing or shallow breaths during sleep. This condition can affect your quality of life as well as your health. CPAP machines are commonly used to force oxygen to your lungs thus helping you maintain a healthy oxygen saturation level in your blood.

Home ECG Monitor: Benefits & Uses

What can a home personal ECG/EKG machine do for you? The EKG portable monitor can provide critical diagnostic information to your doctor which may otherwise be unavailable. The home ECG portable monitor is handheld, simple-to-use, convenient, and low cost. The cardiac monitoring can occur any time at home and measurements are available and recorded within minutes. The portable EKG machine is light and compact. Using it is simpler than taking one's blood pressure. Cardiac events can occur irregularly and not during the doctor's office. By doing home ecg monitoring, the condition can be captured and saved to be analyzed by a doctor at a later time. The best time to take a reading is when you are not feeling well and experienced some warning signs of heart attack. When a patient is not feeling well, the patient and family can immediately take a reading using a ecg monitoring device, assess the situation and take appropriate actions. Without the information, the patient may be reluctant to seek medical help and wait for a few more hours to see if he gets better. One should immediately seek help if the measurement is significantly differed from the norm. EKG machine is an essential tool in sleep apnea study. Research has shown that obstructive sleep apnea alters healthy heart rate dynamics. During periods of prolonged obstructive sleep apnea, the heart rate typically shows cyclic fluctuation associated with the apneic phase and the resumption of breathing. By analyzing the ECG data, a study has shown that obstructive sleep apnea could be detected in over 93% of the test cases.

Purpose of ECG / EKG (Electrocardiogram)

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How to Buy Baby Sleep Monitors

There are several types of baby monitors, from baby breathing movement monitor, to baby video monitor to baby sound monitors, but there is little doubt that the most complete ones are the monitors that track a baby’s vital signs. Baby vital signs monitors for home use, are as reliable as the ones used in hospitals. They can be equipped with alarms that alert you when the baby’s pulse or oxygen level in the blood reaches dangerous levels.


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