You need FDA approved devices


Unfortunately, even at this difficult time, some online stores are trying to take advantage of shoppers. We are seeing this surge of inferior quality healthcare products flooding into the market, aiming to steal the hard earn money from feared consumers. Go search “face mask” at Amazon and read the sea of the one-star review – you can get the picture.

On the other hand, is an established online reseller – with 10+ years involvement in selling healthcare products. Also, Amperor is an FDA registered reseller (LINK to the FDA database, registration# 3006719505). FDA has sent inspectors to conduct a thorough audit on our operation, making sure we have:

  • Qualified personnel
  • Product evaluation procedures in place
  • Traceable inventory / selling / shipping records
  • Established return / exchange / reporting process for defective goods
  • Customer complaint files

To ensure the quality of the offerings, only carries FDA 510(K) approved products. All the healthcare products on can be traced in the FDA official database. As an example, please click on this LINK to see the FDA data on the CMS50F - one of the FDA approved device Amperordirect carries. welcomes email or phone conversations. Our experienced sales can answer any pre-sale, post-sale, product-related or shipping-related questions you might have. Give us a call and we can help you to select the proper healthcare products to improve your life.

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