What is the Auto Adapter / Voltage Stabilizer


What is an Auto Adapter / Voltage Stabilizer?


Introduction of the Auto Adapter / Voltage Stabilizer


As more and more people are using laptops, LCD TVs and other equipment in their RV's, or on their boats, it is our goal to make sure that this equipment is being powered correctly. Amperor has introduced an ideal method of powering a laptop or in fact, most other equipment, direct from the boat / RV battery. Our ADP-90DC family will power and protect your electronic devices, whether there is a current spike, or fluctuation in voltage.


Our voltage stabilizer is powered by 10-28 volts, and will output 12V or 18.5V (depending on the model of adapter). Using a standard inverter to convert the boat or RV's battery to an AC out, and then using the power supply of the laptop to convert back to DC out, is a bit cumbersome. Our ADP-90DC family of adapters can provide regulated 12V supply, direct from the boat/RV battery for safe operation of electronic equipment. Thus, your laptop, LCD TV, or other electronic devices will be protected from over voltage and or short circuits that may suddenly occur during an outing.


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"I am always on the look out for things to make boating better, I thought of my recent find of a website may be of use to your readers. The website belongs to a company called Amperor. They sell 12 Volts electrical equipment and also 12 volts stabilizers."


"I purchased a 17 inch LCD television, with a stabilizer. The reason for the stabilizer is that it ensures that a constant 12 volts is delivered to the television. This is especially important with an LCD screen apparently, as they can be damaged by "spiking" if the current varies at all. Spiking can seriously damage the screen and therefore become a very expensive problem."


"The television I have purchased has an extremely good picture, and the stabilizer does as it says, and keeps the volts level. I have been very impressed with the service delivered by this company. I have asked lots of questions and when other companies would have been annoyed, Amperor has been very helpful and answered in plain English. First class service seems to be a priority. Give the site a visit and see for yourself."


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