LED light blinking / Flickering Issue

Using Correct LED Power Supply to Avoid Blinking Issue



Dimming Modules Make Your LED Application Blink?

When installing a dimming module into an LED application, such as LED lighting or LED signs, system developers might be surprised to find that the LEDs, which used to work fine, suddenly begin to blink / flicker. Here is a video about a blinking LED string in below.


Frequently, this blinking / flickering issue is caused by a mismatched design between the LED application and the LED power supply. Due to the multitude of different LED applications, some will exhibit capacitive loading and some will have inductive properties while others will act like purely resistive loads. Additionally, the PWM On/Off control circuitry employed in some of the dimming modules might add a capacitive and / or inductive component to the overall LED system. If a power supply designed for purely resistive loads is used in these type of LED applications, the addition of the dimming module will have a greater chance to interfere with the internal start-up sequence of the power supply and cause the LEDs blink or flicker.


In the following graphic, you can see a captured dimming module output waveform. The interference caused by the addition of the OT DIM module to the 24V LED power supply may have an adverse effect on the power supply's shutdown and restart cycle causing the LED flashing problems.




Amperor's LED power supplies have been developed to eliminate this issue in LED applications. The Amperor LED power supply's internal start-up sequence is fine-tuned to handle both capacitive and inductive loading conditions thereby eliminating any problems with LED flashing, flickering or blinking. In the following video, you can see the result of using Amperor's ANP90-24PY with the OSRAM OT DIM module to power an LED string. You can see the set-up can successfully brighten and dim the LEDs with no flickering issue.


LED string brightness and the captured dimming module PWM output when sending 2V (0V:darkest, 10V:brightest) control signal to OSRAM OT DIM:


Dim_2V_LED Dim_2V_PWM_output


LED string brightness and the captured dimming module PWM output when sending 8V control signal to OSRAM OT DIM:


Dim_8V_LED Dim_8V_PWM_output


Remember that "Not all LED power supplies are created equal".


The use of Amperor's unique LED power supplies with many popular off-the-shelf dimming modules will result in a smooth linear flicker-free dimming operation. Amperor's LED power supplies will guarantee you dazzling worry-free results that will also help to prolong the life of your LED systems.