Code: LED-power-supply-amperor-ANP132-24P1-277-T



Product Description



ANP132 Series is Amperor's 130W, universal input, rugged, Class 2 switching mode LED power supply. The combination of the potting compound in which its LED driver circuitry is encapsulated and water-tight connectors on the input and output wiring chambers, makes the ANP132 suitable for use in wet locations. Its tough extruded aluminum case ensures the ANP132 will handle all of your rugged outdoor or indoor lighting needs. Thus, sign illumination, backlighting, architectural, step and border lighting, will display, regardless of weather conditions.


The single channel, +24V output ANP132-24P1 has the industry's best thermal performance, guaranteed to output at full load between -30~70 degrees C. The characteristic of non-de-rated output power up to 70 degrees C makes it cost efficient for LED system developers. Multiple power supplies are not required in order to maintain the same level of LED output in a high temperature location. Furthermore, the ANP132-24P1-277 has a built-in, active power factor correction (PFC) capability. Along with an 85% + efficiency level, it is proven to be an environment friendly solution.