One-year Service Plan

In this one-year service plan (contract), the words "We," "Us," and "Our" refer to and; the words "You" and "Your" refer to the Contract Holder.

Terms: The term of this contract commences immediately upon purchase and terminates one year after the date of purchase.

Exclusions: This contract does not cover:

  1. Loss or damage caused by accidental or intentional physical damage, spilled liquids, insect infestation, misuse, abuse, power surge, service costs or damage caused by unauthorized repair personnel
  2. Consumable parts (knobs, remote control devices, cartridges, batteries, etc.), problems due to improper and/or unauthorized installation or repairs, cosmetic damage (such as cracked cases and broken hinges) or defects that do not inhibit the proper operation and performance of covered items
  3. Products that are for rental or public use - such use will void the warranty
  4. Special, indirect, consequential or incidental damages
  5. Loss of stored data
  6. Loss by misplacement or theft

Limits of Liability: The liability of this contract is limited to the replacement of the product. The total payment(s) or costs of all claims under this contract shall not exceed the original purchase price of the covered product.

Purchase Receipts: Purchase receipts will be required for any services.

Replacement and Support Service:

  1. Contact us at with the order number, your contact information, item serial number, and details of defect(s) in the product(s). We will contact you with further instructions.
  2. You can also call us at 281-664-1209.
  3. No goods should be returned without receiving a Return Material Authorization (RMA) from the customer service department.
  4. You may be required to ship the product to us for repair or replacement. You are responsible for the shipping charge.
  5. If we cannot resolve the problem with you over the phone, we will do one of the following (at our discretion):
    1. Send you a new or refurbished product of similar quality and functionalities,
    2. Send you a check for the original purchase of the product, excluding taxes, shipping and handling fees,
    3. Repair the product and send it back to you,
    4. Send the original product back to you if we found the product to be non-defective.
  6. A shipping and handling fee will be required for shipping outside of United States.
  7. This contract is fulfilled when a replacement product is sent to you after the expiration of the manufacturer's warranty.