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Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor KP-7270

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor by PolyGreen

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor KP-7270

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Check your blood pressure every day, don't wait until the next doctor's appointment.

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Manufacturer: POLYGREEN

Item Code: KP-7270

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The PolyGreen KP-7270 wrist blood pressure monitor is the perfect monitor for on the spot check and daily monitoring of your blood pressure. This portable blood pressure monitor is light easy to use and produces results in a short period of time. The large screen is clear with large numbers and a color back light that makes it readable even in the dark.

The KP-7270 uses German technology that provides consistent and accurate systolic, diastolic and heart pulse rate measurements. An additional feature is a light bar that serves a dual purpose, first it acts as a posture indicator to make sure that the user has his or her forearm at heart level. The second purpose is to indicate if you have a regular or irregular heartbeat.

We all know that when we go to the Doctor’s office one of the first things they check is your blood pressure, and the reason is simple, Blood Pressure is one of the most important Vital Signs that provides essential information about your overall health. There are several consequences to having high blood pressure or Hypertension and none of them are good. Hypertension has been linked to heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, vision problems and bad circulation due to loss of elasticity in the veins. So it is very important that between doctor’s visits we are keeping an eye on all of our vital signs, especially on our blood pressure.

The Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor KP-7270 has been approved by the FDA 510(K) No.K032492 and CE.

Please refer to the Monitoring High Blood Pressure at home document for recommended use of this monitors.

The KP-7270 Features:

  • Large color back lit display with systolic, diastolic and pulse measurements
  • Comfortable wrist cuff measurement
  • Storage for 100 blood pressure measurements
  • Quick blood pressure measurement with the push of a button
  • Reliable accuracy and durability
  • Compact and light design, easy to carry
  • Automatic power-off design
  • 2 AAA Alkaline batteries
  • The KP-7270 Specifications:

    • Measuring method: Oscillometric method, automatic inflation, automatic measurement
    • Wrist cuff size: 5.3 ̴ 8.6 inch (13.4 cm ̴ 21.8 cm)
    • Measuring accuracy: Pressure: ±3mmHg
    • Measuring accuracy: Pulse Rate: ±5 % of reading
    • Storage for 2 users at 50 measurements each
    • Measuring Range:20mmHg ̴ 300mmHg
    • Inflation Method: Electrical Rolling Pump
    • Deflation: Electrical solenoid valve
    • Power Saving : Auto-Off after 150 seconds non-operational
    • Power Source: 2 AAA alkaline Batteries
    • Approximate Battery Life: 250 Measurements with alkaline batteries
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