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Face Mask 10pcs 3ply Earloop FDA Medical Grade ZST-B

FDA Approved, Registered product at China NMPA

Face Mask 10pcs 3ply Earloop FDA Medical Grade ZST-B

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Manufacturer: Shandong Zhushi Pharmaceutical Group

Item Code: FM-ZSTB

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Face Mask 3-layers Medical Grade 99% BFE Solution

Following the instruction listed below, this FDA approved Medical Grade disposable face mask with three-layer filters built in could be used to cover the user's nose, mouth and jaw, in order to prevent pathogens, direct transmissiom of microorganisms, body fluids, particulate matter and etc..

This face mask is designed with maximum user comfort in mind. The elastic earloop and the adjustable nose clip can ensure the suitable fit. The middle filter layer is made by nonwoven fabric, which has better pathogen filtration and air permeability. The two sides of the mask are colored with different colors: (outside - blue / inside - white), to guide the user to put on the mask in the appropriate direction.

How to put on Face Mask correctly

  • Perform Hand hygiene.
  • Pick up the face mask, make sure the colored side is facing out from you and the nose clip is positioned at the top.
  • Put the nose clip on the nose bridge. Press it down to fit.
  • Put on the earloop. Press down the nose clip a little bit again to ensure the continue fit.
  • Pull down the mask to cover the chin.

How to take off Face Mask correctly

  • Perform Hand hygiene.
  • Bend the little finger like a hook. Grab the face mask by the earloop. Pull the mask down by avoiding touching the face.
  • Dispose the used mask according to the relevant provisions of medical waste.
  • Perform Hand hygiene.


  • The Face Mask is for one time usage only.
  • Replace the mask immediately if it gets wet.
  • Put on the mask before entering the questionable environment.
  • The product shall be consumed as soon as possible after opening the outside sealed plastic package.


  • Face mask quantity per bag: 10pcs
  • Mask size: 6.89" x 3.74"
  • Filter layers: 3
  • Surface layer material: polypropylene spunbonded cloth
  • Intermediate layer material: polypropylene spinneret (Nonwoven Fiber)
  • Bottom layer material: polypropylene spunbonded cloth
  • Mask belt material: polyester elastic thread
  • Nose clip material: polypropylene - which can be bent and shaped
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE): 99%

Certificates and Test Reportss

  • A FDA approved product. Registration# 3013496867. LINK to FDA online database.
  • A China NMPA registered product: LINK
  • The EN-14683 test report to confirm 99% BFE (at the 3rd page): LINK

AmperorDirect Promise

  • AmperorDirect has performed thorough evaluation to qualify this mask. The evaluation process include:
    • Datasheet review
    • Certification and registration data gathering
    • Mask area and filter layer thickness measurement
    • Middle nonwoven filter layer melt-down test
    • Moisture penetration test
    • No unpleasant chemical smell test 
  • Every plastic bag was inspected to make sure no broken seal or damaged package.

The Face Mask manufacturer

The manufacturer, Shandong Zhushi Pharmaceutical group, is an ISO9001 and ISO13485 company. The production is conducted in the controled environment clean room. Please see the pictures below.

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