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Face Shield - One Blue Headband and Ten Face Pieces

Anti-Fog Design for Clear View

Face Shield - One Blue Headband and Ten Face Pieces

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Face shield Solution - a WHO recommended PPE

Wearing a Face Shield is an established method to provide extra protection to a larger area of the face for healthcare workers. It could efficiently create a barrier to acutely-expelled splashes, sprays, and spatter – all forms of aerosol of body fluids. It is also an essential PPE for medical staffs during this COVID-19 outbreak difficult time. In the “Requirements and technical specifications of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the novel coronavirus (2019-ncov) in healthcare settings” published by WHO in 2/6/2020, the Face Shield is a recommended PPE in 3 of the 4 care levels. After the initial Triage level, healthcare workers in all other three care levels, which have more chance to be in contact with the tested positive cases, are suggested to take on a Face Shield (or the alternative: Goggle).

To a non-healthcare worker, the face shield can offer the extra protection during the unavoidable outings, such as going to a clinic or grocery store trips. The elastic head band can fit onto different sized heads comfortably. The 11.02” x 7.48” face piece can ensure a full coverage from eyebrows to chin. The anti-fog face piece is transparent and clear. It is designed to be clipped on and removed from the head band easily. But, it is still recommended to perform hand hygiene after the removal of the face piece. The Face Shield will not interfere in any way with face masks, glasses, etc.


  • Package Includes: one headband, 10pcs face pieces and 20pcs plastic stops.
  • Face piece size: 11.02 x 7.48"
  • Face piece rotating angle: 120 degree
  • Face piece features: Anti-fog, Anti-scratch film attached (please remove before use)

Important Tips in Usage - Only listed here at AmperorDirect

  • It is recommanded to remove the anti-scratch film by a small piece of Scotch tape.
    • Place the tape at the edge of the Face Piece (see the picture on the right).
    • Lift the tape with some force, to peel off the anti-scratch film.
    • If the film cannot come off, try to move the tape to the opposite side of the Face Piece - you might simply put the tape on the wrong side. Repeat the process. The anti-scratch film should be able to come off easily. 

  • Our field testers have reported that the Face Piece can be peeled off from the Headband, if it is hit by a significant force in a certain angle. AmperorDirect team has first came up with the temporary double-sided tape solution – to ensure the Face Piece can always stay on the headband. Please see below pictures on installing the double-sided tape between the Face Piece and the Headband.

  • We understand the use of the double-sided tape can leave sticky residue on the headband. And, the residue could be difficult to remove. After working with the manufacturer, we have created the 2nd solution - by adding round shape elastic plastic stops to two outer stands on the headband (please see the pictures below). We have put the 2nd solution through different pulling tests from different angle to the Face Piece, and repeated field tests. The results are positive - the Face Piece can permanently attach to the headband with the plastic stops installed. We are happy to announce this as our final solution and will include a bag of 20pcs plastic stop in our face shield shipment.


Supplemental Information

  • From CEBM (Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine) by University of Oxford: To protect healthcare staffs: “Importantly, masks and respirators should not be considered as isolated interventions. Other protection includes hand hygiene, aprons or gowns, goggles or face shields, and gloves. The World Health Organisation has produced technical specifications for these items, based on simulation exercises using data from past SARS and MERS outbreaks.”

  • From NCBI (National Center of Biotechnology Information): the advantages of using Face Shield are:
    • more comfortable
    • protect a larger portion of the face
    • less retained dermal facial heat
    • less fogging than goggles
    • less claustrophobic
    • no impact on breathing resistance
    • no fit testing required
    • can be disinfected easily
    • wearers do not need to be clean shaven
    • easy to don and doff
    • relatively inexpensive
    • no impact on vocalization
    • can be worn concurrent to other face/eye PPE
    • do not impede facial nonverbal communication
    • reduced patient anxiety
    • protects against self-inoculation over a wider facial area
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