PPE Re-open Bundle

Celebrate Reopen. Protect Yourself and people around you.


The Self-Defense Package: LINK


It doesn’t matter if you are a frontline worker, if you hold a position which requires constant interaction with people or simply go to grocery store regularly to buy food to feed your family, you have to better protect yourself. A Face Mask + Face Shield combo can build up the reinforced fortification you need to guard yourself against coronavirus. The Face Mask from AmperorDirect is a 3-ply FDA approved supreme quality solution. The Face Shield has been updated with the improved design suggested by field testers for maximum defense. You can purchase the package with 10% discount during our REOPEN PPE SALE promotion period – ending at 5/25/2020.

The Business Owner Package: LINK


As a business owner, you want to protect the most important asset – your employees. Protective PPE for your employees will also give your customers more confidence that they won’t get infected while dealing business with you. On ABC13 Eyewitness News, it is reported that “Texas barbers and stylists are required use shields when they reopen”. Face Mask + Face Shield combo will provide the two-directional protection for both employees and customers. On the top of that, you can use an IR no-contact thermometer to measure the body temperature of employees when they first come to work in the morning, or of customers who step foot into your operations. You can get early alarm on potential risks and take action. During our REOPEN PPE SALE, you can enjoy 12.5% discount on this package.

The Ultimate Package: LINK


Sometimes, people test positive on COVID-19 but still show no symptoms – no running nose or high fever. The way to detect those hard-to-find risks is to test the blood oxygen saturation level (SpO2). BerryMed’s BM-1000C is an easy to use pulse oximeter which is good for home or office use. The package price is listed with 15% discount rate. With the Face Mask + Face Shield combo to block the droplets, the IR no-contact thermometer to detect symptoms in the working environment or in the family, and the pulse oximeter for self-diagnosis, you can finally regain the peace of mind.

The Customized Option

We understand that every situation has its unique need. Here is the 7.5% off coupon code: REOPEN, for A pack of 10pcs FDA approved 3-ply Face Mask, Face Shield with 10pcs replacement Face Piece, FR-800 – the IR no-contact thermometer and BerryMed BM1000C-O pulse oximeter. Pick any quantity you want and enter the coupon code during the Check-Out process, you can enjoy the 7.5% off on your total purchase.