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Infrared forehead thermometer FR800

No-Contact, Reduce Cross Infection - Price just reduced.

Infrared forehead thermometer FR800

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Manufacturer: Jiacome

Item Code: FR800

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Forehead Thermometer Solution

Jiacom FR800 is a FDA approved, Infrared forehead temporal artery thermometer. Combining the features of the 1-sec superfast measure time and the infrared technology powered, non-contact and non-invasive reading method, FR800 can provide a stress free temperature taking experience. The temperature determining algorithm is fine-tuned for human body skin, to ensure the accurate result every time. In this difficult COVID-19 outbreak time, FR800 can be an essential device to keep in your medical tool box.

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  • No contact needed: The recommended temperature taking distance is 1 - 2 inch. away from the target. The non-touching feature can minimize the chance for cross infection. There is no need to keep separate thermometers for each member in the family and there is no on-going cost, such as the cost for stocking probe covers, to operate the device.
  • Prompt measurement: The specified temperature taking time is one second. You will receive an almost immediate result when using the device. This feature comes in handy when the target is a young child who does not understand the importance of standing still during the measuring period.
  • Accurate reading: FR800 calls for +/- 0.36F tolerance between 95F and 107F human body temperature range. In our internal product evaluation process, we see the reading can keep steady even in 2.7 inch. distance - exceeding the 2 inch. recommended limit.
  • Easy to read: The LED display can be read without any issue in the dark environment. It can change color turning to red from green when the reading is over 99.5F.
  • Ergonomic design: The arc shape of the thermometer body and its light weight make FR800 easy to grip during the entire measuring period. The Scan button is placed at the right location so that different sized palms can all conveniently operate the device.

An extra gift to you from the AmperorDirect team:

Furthermore, thanks for the help from the Jiacom engineering team, the FR800 inventory we receive is set to display degree F as the default. According to our Internet research, most e-commerce stores are carrying thermometers with degree C set as the default display unit. Sometimes, the C/F switching process can be complicated and not straight forward as hitting one button. We are glad that we can catch this issue during product evaluation and can convince the vendor to improve the function before the product even reach your hand.

In addition, after starting to carry FR800, we have received several complains saying the English user manual provided by the manufacturer is really far from being clear. Apparently, the manual is not written by a native English speaker. AmperorDirect team has taken time to correct the grammar errors in the original document, to rewrite and to restructure the content. You can find the revised English FR800 User Manual at the Link. Hopefully, the more user friendly English instruction can help you better use the device.


  • Battery: DC 3V (DC 1.5V AAA 2PCS)
  • Size: 5.9x1.77x1.57 / 150mmX45mmX40mm
  • Weight (w batteries): About 2.89 oz. / 82g
  • Accuracy: Body mode: +/- 0.36F (95F 107F) / +/-0.2C (35C 42C)
  • Measuring distant: 1-2 inch. / 3-5cm

Supplemental Information:

From Mayo Clinic: Additional research suggests that temporal artery thermometers are the most accurate alternative to rectal digital thermometers for taking a child's temperature.

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