Choice Pulse Oximeter Sensor M50 - General Description


Intended use

The M-50 series pulse oximeter sensors are intended for use in continuous monitoring of arterial oxygen saturation and pulse rate.

The reusable pulse oximeter sensor is not recommended for prolonged use unless skin integrity is checked frequently and the measurement site is changed accordingly. For long-term patient monitoring use either single patient disposable sensor or bind type sensors.


Class IIb equipment

Cleaning or disinfecting

  • Please unplug the sensor from the monitor before cleaning or disinfecting.
  • Clean or disinfect the sensor before attaching to a new patient to avoid infection.
  • Clean the sensor and patient contact surfaces with soft cloth moistened in water or a mild soap solution.
  • To disinfect the sensor, wipe the sensor and patient contact surface with disinfecting solution. We recommend isopropyl alcohol as disinfecting solution.

Caution: Don't sterilize by irradiation, steam or ethylene oxide.