Choice Medical MD300C2 - Product Specifications


Choice Medical MD300C2 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter - Technical Specifications

  1. Display Type: OLED display
  2. SPO2:
    • Measurement range:70-99%
    • Accuracy: 2% on the stage of 80%-99%; 3% on the stage of 70%-80%;
  3. Pulse Rate:
    • Measure range:30-235 BPM
    • Accuracy: 2 BPM for 30-100bpm or 2% for 100 - 235bpm
    • Pulse Intensity: Bargraph Indicator
  4. Power Requirements:
    • Two AAA alkaline Batteries
    • Power consumption: Less than 40mA
    • Low power indication: low power icon
    • Battery Life: Two AAA 1.5V, 600mAh alkaline batteries could be continuously operated as long as 30 hours.
  5. Dimension:
    • Length: 60mm
    • Width: 34mm
    • Height: 30mm
    • Weight: 50g (including two AAA batteries)
  6. Environment Requirements:
    • Operation Temperature: 5-40C
    • Storage Temperature: -10-40C
    • Ambient Humidity: 15%-80% in operation, 10%-80% in storage
  7. Declaration: EMC of this product comply with IEC60601-1-1-2 standard.
  8. Measurement Performance in Low Perfusion Condition: required the test equipment (BIO-TEK INDEX Pulse Oximeter tester) the pulse wave is available without failure when the simulation pulse wave amplitude is at 6%.
  9. Interference Resistance Capacity against Ambient Light: Device work normally when mixed noise produced by BIO-TEK INDEX Pulse Oximeter tester
  10. Pulse signal strength indicator
  11. PR tone modulation function
  12. Adjustable brightness