Nonin and Choice Oximeters Review - Specifications


Nonin and Choice oximeter reivew: This is the second in a series of articles in comparing the performance of oximeters made by Nonin and Choice. Nonin is a leading manufacturer in homecare for many years; Choice is a upcoming manufacturer focusing primary on finger pulse oximeters and is making significant inroads into the market. Oximeters from Nonin cost significantly higher than those from Choice and we would like to find out why.

Previous article outlines our approach and compares the appearance and usability of these oximeters. The following section summarizes the specifications of these oximeters as published by the manufacturers. The differences are in "nice-to-have" categories and none of them is significant; however when making a buying decision, they may help you to make up your mind.

Choice pulse oximeters have more bells and whistles, such as SpO2 wave form (plethysmograph), pulse bar graph, carrying pouch¹, and lanyard. The plethysmograph can be helpful if your have heart conditions.

The Nonin oximeters has auto-on feature that the patient does not need to push a button to start taking measurements.


Onyx 9500 MD300C63 GO2 MD300C1
SpO2 Accuracy 70-100% ±2% 70-100% ±3% 70-100% ±2% 70-100% ±2%
PR Accuracy 20-250BMP ±3 30-100BMP ±2
101-235BMP ±2%
20-250BMP ±3 30-100BMP ±2
101-235BMP ±2%
Pulse Bar No Yes No Yes
SpO2 Waveform No Yes No No
Display Mode 1 6 1 1
Auto On Yes No Yes No
Warranty 1 year 2 years 2 years 2 years
Battery Life 18 hours 30 hours 21 hours 30 hours
AAA Battry 2 2 1 2
Lanyard & Pouch Optional Free¹ Optional Free¹

¹ Lanyard is included in the package and most retailers also include a carrying pouch with purchase.