Infrared Ear Thermometer Radiant TH60N Reference



Infrared ear thermometer

Infrared Ear Thermometer Radiant TH60N Owner's manual

Random notes

Memory protector: When you first remove the thermometer from the box, there is a plastic tab sticking out of the battery chamber. Pull and remove the plastic prior to taking temperature. The plastic is to protect the battery during storage and shipping.

Proper measurement technique: Read the owner's manual or Infrared Ear Thermometer carefully. If not done properly, the reading would be off.

Inconsistent readings: Inconsistent readings can be caused by using inconsistent techniques. For example, positioning the thermometer at different depth or angle in the ear canal would give different results. Beware of the technique used when taking a measurement.

I tried measuring my own temperature using different depths and angles and the readings varied as much as 0.3°F. On several occasions, the thermometer returned error messages.

Cleaning: Clean the sensor before and after each use. Use a cotton swap damped with alcohol to clean the lens on the inside of the probe.