Review of BerryMed BM1000-BT OxyCare App

Everything You need to know about BM1000-BT OxyCare App


Here is everything you need to know about the Android version of OxyCare, the mobile phone app the manufacturer suggests to use with Berry Medical BM1000-BT Bluetooth ready Finger Pulse Oximeter.

When unpacking the BM1000-BT, you will find download instructions for the OxyCare app available in Google Play or the Apple App Store. The name of the app is unique, so it will return as the #1 search result. The Android version I downloaded is only 3Mb in size – small enough to fit in any picture crowded cell phones.

The first time the app is opened, it will prompt introduction banners on the screen. Somehow, at the first page, the picture of the pointing up finger indicating the capability to link to other devices, is really miss-leading. We have testers intuitively trying to follow the pointing up finger, continuously repeating the swiping up action and getting forever stuck at the page. Instead, you need to swipe the screen from right to left: two times, and tap the start button on the 3rd banner to get into the main program. (Also, it should be “Simple” but not “Sample” design on the introduction banner.)

Introduction Banner #1

Introduction Banner #2

Introduction Banner #3

After swiping away the banners, the app will ask permission to use location data and to access the file folder. The oximeter test result needs to be saved in the cell phone. The data can be sent to PC via cell phone’s email system later. The App won’t connect the Bluetooth link to the oximeter until both permissions are given. (If you do not grant permission at the first try, don’t panic. There will still be chance to provide permissions. Please see the procedure in below pictures.)

Step #1

Step #2

Step #3

There is no user manual included for the OxyCare App. Fortunately, we have testers going through all the functions and features of the app. Below you can see the instructions AmperorDirect team created for you:

User Interface:

  • Search for Bluetooth Device
  • Data Display Area

Changing the user profile:

Under the Menu, tap on the Profile icon to enter the Add or Select user page. Here, you can create a personal profile and switch away from the default OxyCare profile.

The App can memorize your user profile setting and boot from the previously used profile.

Add a new profile or Select an existing profile

Connecting to the BM1000-BT Oximeter:

Click on the Search icon on the top right hand side of the home page, the app will bring up all the connectable Bluetooth nodes around. Please note that the Berry Medical BM1000-BT needs to be turned on to allow the connection. (Please click on the white round button beside the oximeter display to turn on the device. When the oximeter is turn on, there will be readings available on the oximeter display.) If there is more than one available Bluetooth nodes around and you cannot decide which node is the Berry Med BM1000-BT, please tap on the Research button on the App. You will find that one of the Bluetooth node ID switching to “BerryMed”. That is the one to select to create the Bluetooth link.

Search BT Device

Click Research Button

Found BerryMed device

After the link is established, the App will automatically switch back to the home page. You can see the plethysmograph (or “Pleth” for short) start to rolling at the bottom of the screen. This indicates the Bluetooth link has been successfully established.

Pleth available

Two ways to display the test data:

#1: Real-time Mode

The default shows the real-time display mode. In this mode, you can see four users real-time data. Click on the link associate with each data, you can see the explanation of each index.

#2: Chart Mode

Under the Menu, tap on the Chart to enter the Historical Chart mode.

The OxyCare App records the data in one second intervals. In the top section of the chart mode screen, you can find the currently time stamp and the related SpO2 and PR data. There are two arrows – left and right, to navigate through the time. However, the App sometimes skip intervals at the edge of the recording time. It is better to export the historical data and view it in Excel. (Please see this section in how to export data.)

The chart mode also displays SpO2 and PR in charts, with 12 time intervals – each interval represents one second. The highlighted spots on the two charts indicate the currently displayed data on the above top section. Again, the 12 data points on the chart have limited use in interpreting the real situation. It is recommended to export the data to see them in a longer time period – to see the full SpO2 and PR cycles.

Chart Mode

On the top right hand side of the chart mode screen, you can tap the Export icon to have the recorded data sent out via the cell phone email service. Below are the procedures.

Using email to export data

The exported data is in .CSV format. Using Excel to open the file and chart the data, you can see the SpO2 / PR / PI data in full cycles. One thing to note is the OxyCare App export the data with the mis-aligned header. You will need to alter the (Name / Time / SpO2 / PR / PI) header of the exported .CSV file to (Name / Date / Time / SpO2 / PR / PI).

Mis-aligned Header

Under the Menu, tap on the Setting to enable / disable the beeping sound of the pulse in the OxyCare App, or delete the recording data of the current user profile.

Please note: the pulse beeping sound on the oximeter itself cannot be disabled through the OxyCare App or by the oximeter. We will contact Berry Medical to see if there is any way to disable the the oximeter’s beeping sound.



In our opinion, BM1000-BT OxyCare App is a decent software to use, to record and export the SpO2 / PR test results onto your computer. The data recording and exporting functions are definately working. However, the App is plagued by presentation issues, such as mis-spelling and mis-aligned export format. Also, the request for the permission to use locaton data can be alarming. AmperorDirect team will contact Berry Medical to get their input of the issues. We will publish updates here - so be sure to bookmark this page.